A better house and a better life with Guruji

Yogita Wadhera, March 2017
Though I was lucky that Guruji granted me an opportunity to receive His blessings in year 2004, I turned towards him only after He left His physical form in year 2007. Since then there has been no looking back. His love for me has always been present, but my love for Him grew in the past eight months, a period during which I truly connected with Him.

We used to live in a two-bedroom rented accommodation that I didn't like. I never asked my parents to move out as it would have cost money and inconvenienced everybody. My Guruji heard me and soon my mother made it known that she wanted to shift to a bigger house even though my brother was against it. As it turned out, the house was attacked by termites, which spread to the cupboards and began spoiling clothes, shoes and other household things. We had to move.

We began searching for a house. We found one in the A block of a nearby locality and were about to negotiate a rent deal. I believed that Guruji was behind our decision to move and prayed to Him that our new house be auspicious and that, most important, it come with rent that was affordable in the long run. That very day I came to know that a satsang was being held. I thought to myself that if I could attend this satsang, it meant He had approved of the accommodation.

In the evening I went to the satsang—it was in the same place where we had finalized the new house. I felt sure that Guruji had given the green light for the selected house.

Accordingly, we went to meet the landlords. They asked us to wait for 15 days and after that, giving only vague reasons, decided against giving us the tenancy. I was confused and wondered how a reversal could take place when Guruji had given His approval. But His ways are divine and hard to understand. We began the search again. We liked a house in the A block again, but the landlords backed out at the last minute.

The incidents merely confirmed to me Guruji's hints that our new house would be in that A-block location. The third round of our search began even as our house deteriorated to the extent that my clothes had to be laid out on the bed as termites had eaten away at the cupboards. But I had full faith that Guruji was going to bless me with unthinkable good. I hid this faith from my family. But their searches in other locations came to a naught.

One day, my maternal aunt—who lives in a sector near our house—organized a Ganesha Visarjan pooja at her place. All of us attended. Since she had invited acquaintances from the neighborhood, there were a fair number of people present. Our aunt casually told us that that we should consider living in the same locality. As she said so, the real miracle or, I should say, Guruji's meher begins.

There was a lady in the gathering who likely heard her. The lady told us that she was vacating her house, which would be available for rent. We excitedly requested her to take us to her house and immediately loved each and everything about it. I asked the lady about the address and it was A block! In my heart of hearts, I knew that Guruji wanted to bless us with a stay in this particular house and I was confident that we would shifting there.

The deal got materialized in no time. We ended up paying lesser rent than before and there was no dealer to pay a finder's fee, too. I could never have thought of shifting to this house—which is extremely beautiful and big—but Guruji made it happen. It obviously goes without saying that all of us love the house and are very happy living there. We organized a satsang at the house on November 6 and Guruji came to bless us.

Guruji is the lord of lords; He talks to us and guides us on every step. All He wants from us is our unwavering faith and our love. He wants us to become better human beings who are kind towards the needy and make an effort at improving every day. Seek His guidance and see how life changes and prosperity comes in.

I am very grateful to Guruji for giving me this opportunity to share my satsang with my Guru Parivar. My Guruji has given me a place in His lotus feet and has accepted me as His daughter. I love you, Guruji, and thank you again for loving me so much.

"Kalyan ho"

Guruji is my father. He is with me all the time. From time to time, He reaffirms my faith, especially when I am buried deep in worries.

One evening when I went to Bade Mandir, I was sorely depressed. I was praying in my heart to Him, saying how He used to pronounce that ultimate benediction—Kalyan ho—to many people and how happiness would begin to flow in their lives. Now, I rued, He wasn't around to give that blessing, so how could my Kalyan happen. By the time I had langar, I had forgotten my words to the Divine.

While I was stepping out of the Mandir, a devotee came and patted me on my shoulder to get my attention. Without ado, he said: "Aunty, aapko pata hai aapka Kalyan kaise hoga?" (Do you know how you will be blessed?) He then gave me the Light of Divinity and asked me to read all its satsangs and share them with others. Tears came to my eyes. Guruji had heard my prayer and responded. The devotee continued to advise me, asking me to draw in people to the temple to stay blessed.

I am following His guidance and feel Guruji's love and blessings every moment. I love you, Guruji! Thank you so much for accepting me as your daughter.

Jai Guruji!

Yogita Wadhera, devotee

March 2017