A disciple turns towards Guruji

Vritul Bajaj, June 2016
I came to Guruji in March 2011 when my father was suffering from liver cirrhosis. He had to go for a liver transplant, and we were going through the ordeal of that process, when my maternal aunt Shrimati Pooja Chadha suggested that we go to the Bade Mandir with her family and receive Guruji's blessings. My father, an atheist, surprisingly said yes. With Guruji's blessings, everything went on smoothly.

A year later, I went to Bade Mandir again - this time for myself - in June of 2014. I had applied for a Schengen visa to Europe and was apprehensive. My US visa applications had been rejected twice earlier. I asked for His blessings and the process went off without a hitch.

My gratitude grew and along with it came devotion. I really connected with Guruji in year 2015. I learned about Guruji from social media and read His granth and books on Him. I loved Him from my heart and soul and tried to follow His simple guidelines. My connection with Him got stronger day by day. Soon I couldn't think of anything beyond Guruji, and I began to experience His divine presence.

Whenever He was pleased with my devotion, I would see Aum formations around me everywhere. Once a light bulb in my room flickered for two to three days. I thought it was damaged, but that was not the case. It was Guruji's sign of His presence, as was a butterfly sitting atop my mini-fridge. All the doors and windows were shut; where could that beautiful creature have come from? I also saw butterflies in the Bade Mandir a couple of times.

I connected with Guruji through books as well. One day I was reading "My Spiritual Journey With Guruji" by Jyotika Mehta, a book that talks about liberation and eternal bliss.

After I had read the book, I asked Guruji if these things were true. That night I had a dream. I saw my Nanaji, who had expired in 2014 in pain. He was the happiest I had ever seen him. His face was glowing with white light and His hands were clasped on my cheeks with love. He told me: "Guruji ne mujhe yahaan bahut khush rakha hua hai." (I am very happy here by Guruji's grace.) Guruji had answered my query.

Guruji saves me

One Friday in November 2015, I was returning home from Bade Mandir with my friends in my car. I was at the Karol Bagh stretch just past Liberty Cinema, where the road curves towards Anand Parbat. It was nearly midnight and I would be doing around 100 to 120 kmph. Suddenly, the street lights went off and a man came in front of my car. I froze, my mind went blank . . . and the next thing I saw was two people on a bike that came between my car and the man. It struck me that I should swerve left to save the man. I did so, and nothing untoward happened. But the bikers vanished into thin air.

Guruji again saved me on 13 June 2016, when there was a terrific thunderstorm in Delhi. I was on my veranda when a tree fell down. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I saw the tree had fallen beside me. A few branches had grazed me, but I felt no pain.

I often used to get sad that I couldn't meet Guruji in His physical form. But Guruji gave me subtle and clear messages that I should meditate every day so that I am able to grow spiritually and see His divine form. In fact, I found Guruji's swaroop inside my mandir in miraculous and unexpected fashion. I was offering paath to Guruji when I found it. It was the same as my mother had received when she had gone to a satsang in the house of my maternal aunt, or mami.

Another night I glimpsed Guruji's swaroop in my dream. The next instant I was in my Nani's room. My maternal aunt was sitting there with her palms open and flowers were growing on them even as she was plucking them. When I saw this, I ran out of my room and tried to get the attention of my cousin who was studying in a corner. But he was not interested.

Suddenly, my mama came inside the house, looking like an old man with a cane in hand. That was the end of my dream and for around a month I couldn't make out what it meant. The meaning was revealed when I phoned my nani as a matter of course. She told me that my mama had got sewa of offering langar to senior citizens while my mami was given the task of decorating the statue of Lord Shiva and the Samadhi with flowers for the Mahashivratri of year 2016.

Guruji takes care of me like a mother takes care of her child. Words are insufficient to articulate His greatness; He is the driving life force within me. The relationship between a Guru and His devotee is eternal and beyond human logic. We only need three prerequisites: Unflinching faith, unconditional love, and total surrender.

Thank You, Guruji! Kalyan karte raho. Please keep blessing everybody.

Vritul Bajaj, a devotee

June 2016