He provides for even the fish in the ocean

V. K. Pushkarna, July 2007 हिंदी
Nanak chinta mat kar...Jal mein jant upaye, tina wi rozi dey

In 2003, I came to Jal Vayu Towers in Sector 56, Gurgaon. I found that there was no temple in the area. By the grace of God, I took the initiative and a trust of local residents was formed to build a temple. In the meantime, in February 2004, the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) advertised its offer for religious sites of 1000 square yards. Our trust applied for a religious site in Sector 56.

During yoga and pranayam sessions held at our area, I came in contact with Commander R .K. Sharma. He told me about Guruji Maharaj, relating how his family had been blessed by Guruji. The Commander also suggested that if the trustees for the temple visited Guruji Maharaj, His blessings would ensure that the temple was built.

Subsequently I visited Bade Mandir on July 25, 2004 for the first time along with Commander Sharma. And in the evening I along with my wife Preeti attended a satsang at Mr Madan's residence in Gurgaon. A number of cases regarding Guruji's blessing were discussed. The sangat was bowing in front of Guruji's photograph with great devotion and love. But that day I wondered if this was somehow Guruji's marketing and sales department in show. But, I kept my thoughts to myself.

Four days later on July 29, the executive committee of the temple trust went to the Empire Estate temple along with Commander Sharma. I liked the environment immediately. We had langar and before departing met Guruji Maharaj and told Him about our purpose. Guruji gave His blessings that the temple will be built. Commander Sharma was overjoyed. He knew that once Guruji had given His blessings, the temple trust would get a plot from HUDA and the temple would come up for sure.

There was tough competition for the allotment of land. By Guruji's grace, our trust - the Sanatan Dharam and Samaj Kalyan Trust - got the land in December 2004. Subsequently, around 60 life members became part of the trust. The temple was built and became functional on February 14, 2006. The project came through due to Guruji's grace and the efforts of the Sector 56 residents.

I liked the place very much and told Preeti about it. I asked her whether she would like to visit the place. She said yes and we visited the Empire Estate temple on a Sunday. It was the first of August, 2004. While we were coming back a devotee gave us a photograph of Guruji Maharaj.

Preeti avoids a major surgery

After the visit, Preeti was also very happy and told me that she had been searching for a long time for a place like Guruji's, where one could find peace of mind.

Preeti had been battling health problems since 1998. She had endometriosis, ovarian cysts and uterus fibroids. We had shuttled from one doctor to another, trying homeopathy, Ayurveda, and allopathy by turns - in vain. In August 2003, we opted for surgical treatment and got both her ovaries and the uterus removed. There was some relief but it lasted only for two to three months. Every now and then there would be some pain, and doctors were unable to identify her problem. Some diagnosed it as muscular pain, others as stone formation in the kidney and yet others as gastric pain. No one could give a conclusive diagnosis and solution.

On 4 August, three days after we had our first darshan of Guruji, Preeti had severe pain in the pelvic and kidney region at night. Painkillers gave no relief. The morning found her a bit better, but by night the situation had worsened. Preeti wondered aloud why her condition was getting worst when Guruji's photograph that had been placed at our residence should have got rid of our problems. A day later, on 6 August, we visited our doctor. He lined up ten tests and by evening confirmed that only one of the ovaries had been removed during the operation. And a large cyst had formed across that ovary due to endometriosis. This mass was pressing against the kidney, which had swollen to double its normal size. Thus, five days after our visit to Guruji Maharaj, Preeti's problem - earlier undiagnosed - had been very well defined. The doctors recommended immediate surgical attention.

A day later, at 11.30 pm, we were rushing to the hospital for surgical attention, when we stopped for five minutes at the Empire Estate temple to take Guruji's blessings. Guruji blessed Preeti and reassured us that she will be all right. We rushed to the hospital. I had kept Guruji's photograph with me while going to hospital. On 7 August, Preeti went through a number of tests and medicines were given to her. She was relieved three days later from this hospital and advised to undergo the surgery at Apollo Hospital, since this was a crucial surgery.

The 12th of August was a Thursday, a day we could visit Guruji. I asked Preeti if she was comfortable enough to go to Guruji? She said yes and we reached Guruji's place. When we came out, Preeti told me that she had prayed to Guruji internally thus: "I have gone through a surgery last year and it is a very painful process. I have another major surgery lined up for next week. I pray to you to help me avoid this surgery and cure me with medicines." I also prayed Guruji to cure her without asking for a particular method as she had.

The next day, we visited Apollo hospital and our doctor clearly said that surgery is a must and gave her treatment for pre-surgical preparations. August 20 was fixed as the date of the surgery. She was quite upset. She said she had requested Guruji to avoid surgery, but her luck was so bad that Guruji had not favoured her.

On 15 August, Guruji's sangat was to be held at Mr Bhatia's house. I asked Preeti whether she would like to come along with me to attend the satsang. She refused. She said she believed in Guruji, but maybe her luck was not so good. At the sangat, she said, when others will be talking about how they have been blessed by Guruji she would feel bad that she had not been blessed. So, I went alone. The first satsang that I heard was about a case identical to that of Preeti. A young lady, lined up for surgery for ovarian cysts, got Guruji's blessings and avoided surgery. I was convinced that I was hearing this satsang because Guruji wanted to give me an indication of the future.

Sequence of miraculous events started unfolding. Doctors, who were sure of inevitable surgery, were surprised to observe dramatic improvement in Preeti's condition. Few days hence, the doctor, unable to believe whatever was happenning, conveyed that Preeti does not require any surgery as just 30% of the cyst was left, which can be taken-care-of by the medicines. Since then and till date, Preeti is doing well with a minimum of medicines and that major surgery has never been required. Preeti has been granted exactly what she had prayed for; cure with medication alone. This has become possible only due to the blessings of Guruji. After going to Guruji, you need not talk to Him physically. He scans everybody and takes care of every one who surrenders himself to His lotus feet.

Overcoming my financial crisis

Our life has changed dramatically after coming in touch with Guruji Maharaj. I was always worried about all aspects of my life. The first change was that this attitude changed. Now, I know Guruji takes care of all my problems. And that any situation we face has been sent by Guruji's grace. Guruji rarely speaks to His devotees, but He takes care of everybody. He spoke to me on 8 October: "Ja tera kalian kar dita (You have been blessed)." From that day onwards things started changing in my life. There was a major change in my professional life. I was running a business, but was not professionally satisfied. I wanted to change, but in the mid-forties, it is quite tough to do so. I did not have the courage to act. But Guruji held me in His own hands and brought me out of awkward situations. (Bahan pakar Guru kadaya, so hi utraiya paar: Only those cross the ocean of life whom the Guru holds by the hand.)

I shut down my business on August 16, 2005. Guruji blessed me such that now I earn more than while running my business. Now, I am working towards building plans for a big national project. I now have the professional satisfaction I was looking for. During this change-over, Guruji's blessings kept me intact. As the shabad has it: Nanak chinta mat kar; chinta tiski hai / Jal mein jant upaye, tina wi rozi dey (Guru Nanakji tells all that there is no need to worry, even those living inside the ocean are provided for by the Lord.)

My flat was also being built at this time. I was in a financial crisis when payments due for the flat were to be released. I did not speak a word to Guruji about my situation. But He knows. Every time I needed money, a helping hand was extended. Those who helped me out never even asked once for their money.

A year later, on May 16, 2006, I got keys of my flat and on 19 May 2006, a Friday, I kept those keys at the lotus feet of Shri Guruji Maharaj. I could retain the flat only due to Guruji's blessings during a financial crisis.

For me Guruji is God. I used to go to a temple daily. I worshipped many Gods and Goddess. Since March 2006, by the grace of Guruji, I see every God in Guruji (Eko nam dhiaye man mere: O, my mind, think constantly of the One eternal name) and know for me that there is only one mantra: Om Namah Shivay, Guruji Sada Sahay. I have seen God in front of me. Now I do not look forward to going anywhere else. My search for God has come to an end at His lotus feet.

A guard gets back his life

On February 2005, I was going to my office and on the way I saw a security guard, around 20 years old, lying on the road surrounded by a few people. I got down from my car and went to see the guard. I tried to open his mouth and he started breathing, but at the same time he started bleeding and foaming from his mouth. I could make out that he would collapse within a few minutes. I closed my eyes and prayed to Guruji to extend His help to this lad. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised. Within 30 seconds the injured security guard had stood up. I thanked Guruji and asked the name of the security guard and his address. He answered both questions, indicating that he was well now. I came to my office, thinking that Guruji is next to me at all times. The moment I pray to Guruji, He answers!

All family members come to Him

After fully benefiting from the peace of mind that I got from Guruji's temple, I requested the Satguru to attach all my family members to His lotus feet. It is Guruji's grace that today, my parents, the families of my two brothers, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law's family are attached to Guruji's lotus feet and all have their own experiences to share. Guruji has given peace of mind, health and wealth to all. Since all my family members have come to Guruji's sharan (refuge), everyone's attitude has changed dramatically. The understanding between family members has improved a lot.

Dancing as Shiva, giving a dream cure: Guruji blesses younger brother's family

My younger brother Ramesh Kumar visited Guruji for the first time in May 2005 along with his family. After going back to Ludhiana, his wife Sonal fell seriously ill. She had typhoid and her temperature was at a high of 104 degrees Fahrenheit for four to five days. On the night of the fifth day, Guruji appeared in her dream and asked her, "Where is Vishu [my nephew]? I have come to bless him." Sonal replied that Vishu has gone out and told Guruji in her dream that she was dying and she did not want to. Guruji asked her what had happened. She told Him about the illness she was suffering from. Guruji told her not to worry and raised His hand in blessing. A few rays from Guruji's hands entered her body. She sweated profusely during the dream, a sure sign that she was getting cured of typhoid. The next morning when she woke up, she rang me up and shared this dream with me. From that day onwards, her temperature started coming under control and she was up within the next few days.

Just one darshan of Guruji, and He had extended His protection and grace to my younger brother's wife. He scans, registers and takes care of everyone. All hail Guruji Maharaj!

One day in November 2005, Ramesh was reading the Ramayana and there was a description of Guru mahima. He thought about Guruji and immediately reached Empire Estate in his thoughts. He saw Guruji coming out of His room. He embraced Guruji and saw that Guruji had split into two forms. One went and got seated with the sangat and the other transformed into Lord Shiva and danced with Ramesh for 15 minutes. While dancing, Ramesh asked Guruji whether people could see them. Guruji said that nobody was seeing them and he should just enjoy. Then Lord Shiva merged into Guruji sitting on His seat. In this trance, Ramesh had langar and then returned to the place from where he started thinking about Guruji. He shared this incident with me when he came to Delhi within the next couple of days to visit Guruji.

Guruji also blessed Ramesh so that he could build his house. A hard-working person, he had not been able to build his house for the last 10 years. But he was able to shift to his own house on 29 May 2006.

Devyani, my niece, is a very intelligent girl. In spite of being hard working, she was always coming second in class, missing the first position by just two or three marks. After visiting Guruji, Devyani stood first not only in Class VI, but in all the four sections of Class VI in year 2006.This is how Guruji's blessings take care of us. Vishu, my nephew, similarly got through his Class VIII boards even though the family had little hope that he would do so.

Guruji is Shivji; He is Durga: Blessings for my elder brother's family

My elder brother Shiv Kumar Pushkarna attended the first satsang at my place in October 2004. He came as a matter of courtesy. However, it was only by the middle of 2005 that he finally got a chance to take refuge in Guruji's sharan. He found tremendous peace of mind. And has since then become a very calm and composed person.

One day his wife, Renu, could not complete her Durga Stuti (a prayer to Mother Durga) - a part of her morning routine. She was upset. Guruji appeared before her and told her that she should not bother too much about these things. He said that He was everywhere and that she should remember Him. Then Guruji got converted into a lady, to show her that He was Durga Maa as well and embraced her. He then disappeared.

Bhabiji had severe knee pain, for which doctors had suggested many tests and lengthy treatment. She visited Bade Mandir on Shivratri 2006 and from that day onwards her knee is perfectly all right. This is all due to Guruji's blessings.

On May 15, 2006, we all visited the Bade Mandir (Shiv Mandir). Inside the hall, there is Lord Shiva's statue and to its right is Guruji's seat. My elder brother Shiv bowed to Lord Shiva and subsequently to Guruji's seat. He noticed that the sangat was bowing first at Guruji's seat and then to Lord Shiva. He wondered whether he should bow first in front of Guruji's seat or before Lord Shiva.

We were in the temple for around one and a half hour. We were listening to the satsangs. While going back home when my brother bowed in front of Lord Shiva's statue and looked up, he did not see Lord Shiva. He saw the face of Guruji in place of Lord Shiva's face. He had his answer: Whether you bow at one place or the other, it is He who is everywhere.

Before this incident, Mrs Subberwal used to tell the sangat that she had seen Guruji as Lord Shiva. But there was a one per cent doubt in mind. After my elder brother's experience, all my doubts cleared. I feel tremendously fortunate to be in the sharan of Lord Shiva who was physically present with us as Guruji.

Blessings for my friends, too

I shared my experiences with my friends and a number of them have been to Guruji's sharan and have had their personal experiences. To mention a few, Mr V. K. Gupta was blessed when his daughter's life changed for the better. She was blessed with a wonderful husband and cooperative in-laws.

Another friend, Mr Y. B. Gupta, was transferred to Gorakhpur from Ludhiana. He was going through a bad professional period. He visited Guruji before joining duty at Gorakhpur. Though he had not told Guruji about his problem, he got transferred to Ghaziabad within 11 months. He owns a flat at Patparganj and Guruji has blessed him by bringing him back to his home.

Similarly, Mr Rajesh Sharma had had a professional setback. His company was framing him in a false case. He came to Guruji's sharan. He got peace of mind. His company asked him to be ready with an international lawyer to face charges. But, he told me that since now he had a 'Universal Lawyer', Guruji, nobody could harm him. After he came to Guruji, the company forgot all about the case and he is peacefully enjoying his professional life. Rajesh lives in Jalandhar and regularly visits Guruji's temple there.

A marital problem is solved

My mother-in-law and her family visited Guruji on 1 January 2005 for the first time. The married life of my brother-in-law, Ashish, had not been well since the last 10 years. Subsequently, in June 2005, matters came to a head and a divorce seemed imminent. My mother-in-law came to Gurgaon and went to Guruji, praying for a better life for the couple. After a week, the marital dispute was over and the couple visited Guruji. By His grace, Ashish and his wife today lead a better married life and take care of their only son.

V. K. Pushkarna, devotee

July 2007