Whose satsang is it anyway?

Vishal Sharma, January 2017
"SE SIMRE JIN AAP SIMRAYE" (Only those can chant his name whom he wants to.)

Guruji takes away my headache after my first visit to Dugri

I do not remember whether it was 2013 or 2014 when I visited Dugri with my family. One of our relatives insisted we visit the place, describing it as special and unusual. She told us there was an ashram of a saint who blessed people by His spiritual powers even though he was not physically present. Though this was not apparent to us, we managed to visit Dugri on a Sunday. I was sitting in the main hall of the Ashram, where I saw some pictures of a saintly person. I was quiet and trying to concentrate on the shabads being played. It was a strange experience as there was no one present in the hall but just a beautiful gaddi and some pictures of Guruji. We were then served langar prasad, after which we left for home.

I was suffering from acute headache for a couple of years and the pain was often unbearable. That day when we reached home I again had that intolerable headache. The pain had increased manifold. I felt that I had done something wrong at the sacred site. I didn't even tell my family about the pain, but I managed to sleep despite it—and, believe it or not, that was the last day I had that headache. I haven't experienced that intolerable headache ever again. This was Guruji's first blessings and since then our spiritual journey has begun with Him.

Guruji has been blessing my family—and only some of the ways are known to me. The continuous umbrella of His protection guards us. When my mother and her colleagues were falsely accused in a fraud case, my mother came out with a clean chit. All of us were worried, but Guruji ensured she could not be harmed.

Day before Guruji's satsang, Guruji makes an appearance to help us

Recently, we organized a satsang at our home. We had not really planned for it; the idea came up during casual conversation. As a result, we had only four days to prepare for the satsang, which was held on 27th October at our house.

On satsang day, I had planned to play shabads on my brother's laptop, because it had a good battery and would not require charging. This was important, as the satsang was to be held in the house garden where there was no power socket. As the satsang was about to start, my brother told me that his laptop had no battery backup at all and that it could shut down any time during use. The issue was serious, but no intervention was possible because the tune used to welcome Guruji had already begun playing. And we had no extension cable.

We were extremely nervous but decided that the laptop should be kept working and that we would switch to a mobile phone when it powered off. We had forgotten that the satsang was planned and managed by Guruji. We were amazed that the laptop played without any battery backup for the entire duration of the satsang—three and a half hours. Guruji had once again made the impossible possible. A few songs were even played after the satsang got over.

A day before the satsang we had divine help, too—but we only realized that when the time came to serve langar. My aunt and I had gone out to buy a serving bowl that would have four receptacles for serving different vegetables and lentils simultaneously. We were unable to find that particular type of utensil and were advised to approach a gurudwara. To our disappointment, the gurudwara committee member insisted that we must take buckets and large spoons for serving the langar. They didn't have the utensil we wanted. We were sure that we didn't need the buckets and decided to return home.

We had hardly turned to go when at the gate of the gurudwara, a handsome Sikh came and wished my aunt. He asked her aloud if she remembered him. My aunt said she did, they talked for a minute and he wanted to know why we looked disappointed. We explained the entire matter and he took us to the committee members again. Three buckets and three big spoons were arranged and we took them even though we knew that they would be useless. As we went, my aunt confided that she did not know the person and had never seen him before. She had merely said she knew him.

As it turned out, we needed the buckets the most and couldn't have served the langar without them. We had arranged for bowls for refilling while serving, but hadn't thought out how we would transfer the prasad from the kitchen to the serving area. If we did not have these buckets, it would have been impossible for us to manage. We realized then that Guruji had intervened the day before at the Gurudwara: He always knows what is best for us.

The next day I recalled what I had noticed about that person: He was well dressed and had a great personality. He had a white scooter (Activa)h, whose license plate number added up to a total of seven, which devotees know is Guruji's number. I was overawed. Guruji himself had come to help us.

*…..JAI GURUJI.….*


Vishal Sharma

January 2017