Following His teachings makes me fearless, glad and spiritual

Vishal Kamal, May 2016
I first came to Bade Mandir in April 2011. At a friend's prompting, a group of us went to Guruji's Mandir. I felt very calm there. Everything was bright and shiny—as if some kind of light was bringing peace to everyone. I still feel the same. We had chai prasad and, after the mantra jaap, ate langar prasad. Since that time I have been visiting Bade Mandir every week no matter what. It is now 2016. I feel it is Guruji's love that calls me again and again to Him. I do not think I have been this consistent with anything else. This is the first blessing He has given to me.

I suffer from a blood-related disease, which sent me to the hospital at least three times between 2000 and 2010. But since I began visiting Bade Mandir, my health has been good. I have suffered no major issues, and I believe I will be cured by Guruji someday.

Since childhood I have always wanted to travel the world, a wish I told everyone about. After completing my education, I began working but wasn't making money such that I could go for international travel. In the last five years, I have been to seven international and two domestic destinations. And I have paid for only one of these from my earnings. I believe my wish came true because of Guruji's blessings. I never asked for it, but Guruji Himself knew of what I love and gave it to me.

After visiting Bade Mandir many times, I felt like I should know more about Guruji. So in 2013 I asked a sangat about books related to Guruji and I got an ebook on my email from a sangat. As I read it, I came to know about many things related to Guruji. I began following everything which Guruji told various devotees: To read the Shiva Purana everyday and five times in its entirety; to light a diya; to walk daily and drink enough water to ward off disease. After some months I noticed that I had renewed myself, become fearless and polite. I was more spiritual and helpful and all my problems were absent. Everything I wanted was with me.

Guruji gave me darshan in my dreams many times and I realized that Guruji is Shivji Himself—as he had told His many devotees. Guruji made me fearless and happy, and that is ultimate success. All I did was do what Guruji asked all of us to do. In Guruji's words, surrender.

I am very grateful that I could come to Bade Mandir, connect with Guruji, meet His wonderful sangat, read the Shiv Puran and take my family to Bade Mandir. Guruji knows everything and there is no difference between Shivji and Guruji. I wholeheartedly wish that Guruji blesses everyone.

Jai Guruji!

Vishal Kamal, a devotee

May 2016