The photographic cure

Virender & Sudesh Bouri, July 2007 हिंदी
My father-in-law has retired and lives in Haridwar in the Uttaranchal. He had diabetes, his sugar was never under control, and he had heart problems though he had already undergone surgery. One of his kidneys did not function at all.

One day we got a call that he was in critical state in a hospital. My wife started crying. The next call robbed us of all hope. Father-in-law's condition had worsened.

It was a Tuesday and we could not go to Guruji's. Our faith was shaken. In sheer desperation, I called up an old devotee and he reassured me that Guruji was well aware of the situation.

His advice soothed our nerves and we slept peacefully. On Friday, we went to Haridwar with Guruji's photograph, which we got, with Guruji's grace, from Empire Estate on Thursday.

We reached the hospital and after taking stock of the situation, my wife went to her father and gave Guruji's photo to him. He touched It to his forehead and kept It in his chest pocket. He had never even gone to Guruji's.

Immediately, we felt Guruji's presence in the form of His fragrance. This was the moment we all acknowledged that He is with us irrespective of the physical distance between Him and His devotees.

We returned and a week passed by. Doctors were now suspecting a paralytic attack. A C.T. scan was suggested, but miraculously the scan came clean. Doctors were surprised and declared on Thursday evening that they would keep my father-in-law under observation for at least one week; until then every minute was critical.

I was in my office the next morning when my mobile rang. The call was from my wife and I thought: "Buzurgwar Ludak Gaye (The old man has kicked the bucket)." My hands were shaking as I took the call and I could not hear what my wife was saying. She had to repeat her statement three times. Yes, doctors had discharged father-in-law from the hospital.

She was in tears, offering her thanks to Guruji. In the evening when we went to Guruji and bowed before Him, He said that her father was better than before.

When my father-in-law came to visit Guruji, he got another gift. His wife, my mother-in-law, was troubled by arthritis. She was accompanying her husband to Guruji's. When she went back to Haridwar, she found that she could knit a pullover for her grandchild without any pain.

This lady, who had not even prayed to Guruji about her problem, found that she had been cured.

Such is the Grace of Guruji.

Virender & Sudesh Bouri, devotees

July 2007