Blessings past, present and future

Vineet Khandelwal, September 2012
It is said that good things come suddenly.

The best thing that has ever happened in my life was when Shri Deepak Gupta told us about Guruji, describing Him as Lord Shiva incarnate. As people who pride themselves over our intellect, it is tough to accept someone in human form as God. I was no different. I did not profess faith in any human God on earth leave alone believe that Lord Shiva would incarnate in human form in this Kal Yuga. And I was not appreciative of my brother's and mother's association with Guruji.

Guruji used to say that His devotees had been associated with Him since past lives and not just since the time they came to Him. He has been blessing us even without us knowing it. When I came to know of His words, I remembered a mishap that occurred when I was studying in the fifth grade.

Our house was being built. The terrace was to be laid the following day and an iron wire-frame had been spread for holding the material. I had climbed up a wooden ladder in excitement and was walking on the edge of the terrace. Suddenly, a strong jolt ran through my body. I had accidentally come in contact with a live wire. I looked up at the sky and said: "God, I'm coming to you." That very moment I was free of the current. That was impossible! I was standing on an iron wire-frame. I now realize that it was indeed Guruji's blessings that had saved me.

A 'perfect operation'

Years later, during the first year of my engineering course, I fell off a wall while playing basketball. I injured my left knee and was taken to the hospital. The doctor suspected a ligament tear and suggested an MRI. If the ligament was severely damaged, an operation would be conducted to place two permanent screws on the knee. At the MRI room, I prayed: "Guruji, you know what's best for me. I leave it to you to decide whether I need to get operated or not." The report showed that the ligament had torn off completely and surgery was necessary. I took it as Guruji's wish, and the operation was scheduled for a month later.

On the day of the operation, my elder brother was very tense. He was praying to Guruji for an easy operation. The moment the doctor entered the OT, my brother felt Guruji's presence in the form of His typical fragrance. He felt that Guruji was saying that He was with me.

The doctor came out after the operation and told us that this was the best surgery he had ever performed. The doctor will always think that it is he who performed the operation; we know whose hand was behind this 'perfect operation'.

But three weeks later I had a setback. It had rained, the roads were slippery, and I was on our scooter, going for a check-up. It skidded and I fell on the same leg, cutting open my stitches. I went to my physiotherapist and narrated what had happened. He showed me a patient who had been operated upon a second time after he had fallen off his bike and torn the same ligament again. I was very lucky, the physiotherapist said, and I thanked Guruji for saving me from another surgery and reducing the severity of the mishap to just a dressing on the stitches.

Another time, Guruji averted an accident. We had to go to a satsang and were late for it. I had to go to a shop for some errand and as it was already late, I took my scooter and rode a bit faster. Suddenly, for no reason my mind said "Stop". I hit the brakes. The moment the scooter halted a log of wood fell from a building that was being built. Had Guruji not suggested to my mind that I stop, the log would have fallen straight on my head.

Guruji takes care of every little thing in our life, which we might not know of or recognize. He gives answers to all questions through satsangs and shabads. He confirms His presence when we need it the most by giving His fragrance. He has been blessing us and will continue to do so. The only thing that He wants in return is full surrender. Once we are in His refuge, there is no need to tell Him about our needs. He knows them better than we do, and He even gives us those things that we do not know we require. His teaching was: "Maango nahi, maano." (Don't ask; Accept.) He will always give us what is best for us and not what we want, as our want might not be best for us. It is only He who knows our past, present and future. So let's leave our life in His hands for Him to handle it His way-the best way. Jai Guruji!

Vineet Khandelwal, a devotee

September 2012