Grace in times of need

Vidya Kapoor, September 2012
We got associated with Guruji through a friend, Shri Sumit, four months ago. At that time I was worried regarding my wife's job. After marriage, she had to resign from her job and relocate to Bangalore since her firm did not have an office in this city. And since she was new to Bangalore, even with a job it would have been difficult for her to handle work and home.

We attended our first satsang at Hitesh's place. Sumit, his younger brother, informed us that langar prasad is shared between two people. As langar commenced, I got involved with some sewa while my wife waited for me to share the langar prasad with her. In the interim, a sewadar placed a plateful of langar in front of my wife. A lady devotee, Shrimati Sapna, joined my wife. She asked my wife if she was looking for a job. Answered in the affirmative, she then asked for her resume. Subsequently, my wife was offered a job as an instructional designer in her firm, with the option of working from home. After a month-long training, my wife commenced her new job.

How often does one come across a situation in which the employer walks up to you with a job offer and that too with the convenience of working from home?

Guruji takes care of my father's illness

My father was to undergo surgery for his hernia in Lucknow, my hometown. I was in Bangalore and knew I could not visit Lucknow when the surgery was scheduled. I was also very worried about my mother. She suffers from high blood pressure, and I feared my father's surgery would be detrimental to her health. While worries pressed on me, the Bangalore sangat decided to hold a big satsang.

A day before the surgery, I was under the impression that it was slated for 8 in the evening while it was actually at the same hour in the morning. The next day, I received a call from my sister at 9:30 am, informing me that my father was in the operating room, and my mother was too anxious.

I called up my mother to comfort her but with little success. She hung up the phone, saying, "I'll talk to you later." My anxiety was at a high, when, suddenly, I got a call from Sumit's mother, Shrimati Sadhana. I was surprised to see her number flash on my mobile. Though we have been neighbors, in the past two years she had never called me on my mobile. Anyway, I answered the call and she informed me that I could invite my sister from Pune for the Bangalore satsang.

I told my wife about this conversation, but was left wondering about why she had chosen to inform us of this matter at such a time. We meet on a daily basis after all. The thought came to my mind that this could be a prompt from Guruji. I immediately called my mom and told her about the satsang and the sewa assigned to me for it.

In the course of the conversation about Guruji and the satsang we both relaxed and felt the stress leave us. Surely this was Guruji's way of informing me that He is there to support and take care of His sangat. My father's surgery went off smoothly and my Mom was extremely happy.

Vidya Kapoor, a devotee

September 2012