Blessings for all who have faith

Veena Saini, November 2008
The divine powers of Guruji are immense and defy logical explanation, as He can make the impossible possible. Guruji has blessed our family and it is because of His grace that we have been able to overcome the immense difficulties in our life.

Guruji's miracles cannot be counted, as He daily provides succour to people suffering from various calamities. He is the manifestation of God and the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

I can only express my gratitude to His Holiness for bestowing His blessings on me and curing me in minutes of asthma.

I had been a chronic patient suffering from bronchial asthma since the last fifteen years. I had tried all the treatments possible -Ayurvedic, herbal, Chinese and to top them all, I even tried a radical 'cure': swallowing a live fish. But nothing worked. I was surviving on steroids, which were adversely affecting my health. Then, arthritis struck and my heart too started giving me problems.

Guruji came to Delhi in 1995 and He was in the Mandir in Greater Kailash. My mother-in-law, who has been a devotee of Guruji since the last few years, mentioned that I should seek Guruji's blessings. I had always been a non-believer in saints and gurus, but I was so impressed by my mother-in-law's praises of Guruji and His immense powers that I made up my mind to go to His Mandir.

My mother-in-law, my husband and I went to seek Guruji's blessings. Inside the Mandir, the atmosphere seemed quite suffocating due to the burning of joss sticks; my breathing problem was aggravated. As soon as I went to touch Guruji's feet, He addressed me by name, saying, "Veena aunty you are blessed." I immediately felt as if fresh oxygen had been infused into me. My breathing became normal. Since that day, I have never suffered from any bronchial asthmatic problem: Guruji cured me in one glance.

The second miracle relates to my daughter-in-law. She could not conceive and was childless after five years of marriage and we both visited Guruji at Chandigarh on August 22, 1997. As soon as my daughter-in-law took Guruji's blessings, He said, "I have given you a son." And soon enough, she conceived on August 30, 1997 and was blessed with a son on 1 January 1998-a most cherished New Year's gift from Guruji. Medical science has no explanation for such occurrences. Guruji's powers are unexplainable and a scientific explanation is not possible. Guruji's blessings are for all His disciples who have faith in His divine powers. Guruji is well within His capabilities to rewrite your fate, and we are blessed and privileged to be His disciples. "Om Namah Shivay!"

Veena Saini, a devotee

November 2008