A locket leads to healthy vision for a child

Vedant Verma, August 2017
I came to know about Guruji in March 2016 when Jahaan, my 4-month-old, was diagnosed with an eye problem in Chandigarh. A senior doctor at a major hospital there, said it was a major problem and had no treatment for it. We decided to go to Hyderabad for another checkup. As we were about to leave for the airport, my close friend, who is a follower of Guruji, gave Guruji's locket for my son. Though I had no faith in Guruji, I put the locket on Jahaan.

At Hyderabad, the news was surprisingly encouraging. Doctors did many tests and investigated the condition but reported that the problem was minor. A doctor preformed minor eye surgery and discharged my son the very next day! It's been two years since then and my son's eyes are completely fine.

Year 2016 was a year of blessings. I had wanted to build my own house, but could not because of paucity of funds. But after Guruji's appearance in our lives and with my son regaining his eyesight, I felt encouraged. Construction of my house began in September of 2016 and the house was built by March 2017–in an amazing six months, though it typically takes around two years to complete such a project. Of course, this was due to Guruji.

Today, Guruji's blessings are with me in everything I do. I do not stress myself about anything and leave it to Guruji, since I know He will do whatever He thinks is best for me. Guruji has changed my life completely for the good. Thank you, Guruji. Please keep blessing my family and me always.

Vedant Verma

August 2017