"Khush reh": Guruji grants me a new life

Vardaan Kapur, April 2017
I had heard about Guruji from a cousin, but had not thought of going to His mandir. One day I had Guruji's darshan in my dream. He was wearing a white chola and lying down in one of our bedrooms. I was pressing His holy feet. He blessed me and said: "Khush reh." In my dream, I mentioned to Guruji that I had heard that He has snakes wrapped around His feet and He said: "Yes". In fact, He began to remove His socks. I got scared and asked Him to show them to me the next time.

After that dream, I began going to Guruji. It was October 2011, and that date marks a new beginning in my life. Rather the life which I used to think was mine got surrendered to Him.

Maxing my accountancy exam

My final Class XII exam in accountancy was to be held in February 2012—just a day after Maha Shivratri. We decided to visit Bade Mandir in the afternoon so that I could reach home early and study for the exam. But such was not Guruji's wish. He wanted to bless me in a different manner.

In the temple I was offered sewa by a Sardarji. I was ready for the sewa but my family members told him about my exam. He replied camly: "Balance sheet match ho jaaye bass aur kya hai accounts mei." (The balance sheets should match—what else is there in accountancy?) The family agreed and began with my sewa, which was frisking the sangat at the mandir gate.

The sewa went smoothly by Guruji's grace and I reached home at around 3 or 4 in the morning.

I went to the exam without having studied theory and sleeping adequately. It went amazingly well and I didn't feel that I hadn't studied the day before. The result of the sewa was that I got 100 marks in the exam. What is this if not Guruji's blessings!

Guruji gives me a new life for the second time

It was 10th of February 2017 and I was doing sewa at Bade Mandir. The left side of my chest was paining and I could not move my hand. I had an idea that something wrong was happening, that it was not simple muscle pain. Anyhow I continued with my sewa. I silently said: "Guruji, zinda hu tab bhi aapka. Marr gaya to bhi aapke paas hi aaunga isliye mujhe koi darr nahi hai." (Guruji, this life is yours. Even if I die I will reach you, so I am not worried.)

The sewa got over at around 11.00–11.30 at night. I had langar prasad, which was way too spicy, and went back home. That night I had Guruji's darshan in my dream. He was sitting in Chandigarh Mandir and blessing people with His hands and legs. He said: "Chandigarh ke log bade change ne... Kahi mai yahi ka naa ho jaau." (Chandigarh people are very nice. . . Might I become theirs?) I don't know why He said this. My mother and I were sitting at His lotus feet and I was massaging His right leg and crying.

The emotion woke me up, but I soon slept again. The darshan continued: I was still crying on Guruji's lap and my nose was overflowing copiously as if from a cold. I woke up for a second time and again slept. The darshan was not over. Guruji told me: "Cold ki dawai nahi leni. . . Agar lunga to pet kharab ho jayega." (Don't take a remedy for the cold; if you do, it would affect your stomach.) He then asked me to take a home remedy, which my mother had to prepare for me and told me what to do. When I woke up, my chest pain was gone. Guruji cured my heart blockage in the dream by letting my tears and nose overflow. All the blockage came out miraculously. Such is His grace.

A disciple just needs to surrender everything to him and He takes care of the rest in the best possible manner. Such is my belief.

Jai Guruji!

Vardaan Kapur

April 2017