A scooter kick-starts my ride to faith

Vaibhav Aneja, March 2008
Jai Guruji!

When I got the opportunity to have Guruji's darshan for the first time in May 2006, I had the following demands in my mind: a scooter, sewa and peace of mind

My dad was not agreeing to buy a scooter and instead wanted me to have a bike. However, I had a bad experience with bikes and felt that they were risky. But a week after coming to Guruji, dad agreed and I had my scooter.

Further, I was blessed with a chance to do some sewa as well at Chote Mandir within a few days - it was a great experience.

My third demand was also not left unanswered. I was concerned about my Class 10 exam results, which were to come out shortly. When they did, I was relieved to find that I had cleared the board examinations. Thus, peace of mind poured in as Guruji set all things meticulously in place.

As you get what you desire, your wish-list increases. Now, I was dying to talk to Guruji. However, since Guruji spoke at His own discretion, I could only wait for my chance. As I saw Guruji talk to others, the thought meandered across my mind that Guruji probably only talked to the rich. But the misconception was soon removed.

Two months after my first visit, Guruji summoned me and instructed me to visit Bade Mandir and do some cleaning. It was the first time that Guruji had talked to me, and I was overjoyed. The next day was Monday and I went to Bade Mandir for the first time on a non-function day. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Saved from a scooter accident

After all these wonderful things that Guruji did to me, my life and the way I looked at things changed. Guruji's blessings, however, were not restricted to this alone.

One day I was returning from my uncle's house. At the busy Naraina crossing (in Delhi), the handle of my scooter got stuck in a man's jacket. The scooter slipped badly. Right behind me was a heavy truck and for a moment I thought I would not escape death. But, somehow, the truck stopped just in time.

As I got up, I realized that I had nary a scratch. When I reached home, I checked the scooter only to find that hardly any damage had been done.

Mom gets His divine protection

One evening Guruji was sitting on the side-board close to the kitchen door at Chote Mandir. As we came in, I bowed to Guruji and then went out to check if any sewa had to be done. As my mother bowed to Guruji, He instructed her to go and sit on the first floor. Mom has a severe breathing problem and that day she was not feeling well. It was with great difficulty that she was able to climb just the first three steps of the staircase. A sangat member advised her to sit there and collect her breath. But as mom looked back at Guruji, she found Him looking at her. So she decided to continue.

As she reached the floor upstairs, she was breathless. I was carrying her medicines, but was not around at that time. She desperately wanted to drink a glass of water, but no one noticed. Shortly, chai prasad was served and she took a glass, though she was able to drink it with difficulty. But as soon as she finished the chai prasad, she regained her energy and her condition started improving.

After sometime, she came down to have langar. Guruji called her and asked mom about her name and our place of residence. She answered Him, had langar and has been perfectly fine since then.

Guruji has kept me and my family under His divine grace and protective cover. With folded hands, I would once again request Guruji to continue keeping us under His sharan in the same manner forever....

Vaibhav Aneja, a devotee

March 2008