Lord Shiva follower turns into Guruji's devotee

Tejas Baranwal, March 2016
I have been a blind follower of Lord Shiva since childhood. In college, I'd attend classes only after going to a temple. I always looked up to Shivji to guide me in taking my decisions—right or wrong, good or bad, they had to be decided by Shivji. I came to know about Guruji in year 2000 through my sister-in-law, but was obstinate in my belief that no human being could be God. My in-laws, residents of Delhi, visited Guruji but I did not go for His darshan.

My family shifted to Agra, where I learnt of Guruji's mahasamadhi. I visited Bade Mandir an year or so later but was not moved. In June 2010, we shifted home to a new flat. However, my 12-year-old son hated the new flat and wanted to go back to the old one. He cried his heart out. My sister-in-law gave him Guruji's book, "Light of Divinity", to read and asked him to pray to Guruji. I was very upset with her, but kept quiet as I was worried about my son and was willing to do anything to help him adjust. One evening my son told me that Guruji came in his dream and told my son not to cry as Guruji would come and stay with him. I found it funny! I advised my son to try and adjust.

Two months after we had shifted, I came to know that Guruji's satsang was being held in Agra. I was invited to attend—it was being organized at the same building we had moved into. I wanted to make new friends so I went. I was made welcome by devotees who knew me as belonging to a sangat family. I also learnt that the venue was for Guruji's Mandir, which would be inaugurated on September 12.

Gradually, Guruji made me understand that He indeed was my beloved Lord Shiva. In December 2010, I recalled that Guruji had promised my son that He would come and stay with us. The thought came to me as a realization, striking me like a thunderbolt. I was overwhelmed that Guruji had showered His mercy and love not only on me but on my entire family. I gave up rationalizing and began accepting life as it came. I was sure that Guruji was there to take of everything and everyone.

My faith soon bore fruit. My son got good marks in his Class 10 examinations. And though he was an average student, he excelled beyond expectations two years later as well, scoring 95% marks in his class 12 boards. He got through every entrance exam he gave, beating the toppers of Agra. I left the decision of his future with Guruji. He made sure that His child remained near His sharan, with my son getting into Delhi University.

Guruji's blessings and our learnings did not stop here. During Holi, my son had drunk thandai (a cold milk drink) laced with bhaang (edible cannabis). His condition became critical and he had to be hospitalized. His heartbeat escalated to 200 beats per minute, giving the cardiologist anxious moments. Thanks to His healing grace, however, we could get my son home within a few hours. It was Guruji's way of teaching my son that he should never cross his limits.

Once I had Guruji's darshan in my sleep. I saw Him in a mandir. I was sitting alone and He called me over, asked me what I wished for and I merely asked for my family's health and prosperity. He smiled and said "Kalyan kitta".

Words are not enough to describe the blessings and love that our Guruji bestows on His children. Guruji is always with us, in every step of our life. He blesses us through the air we breathe or the food we eat. We put a date to when we met Him or came in His sharan but He never let go of us, not just in this life but in every birth. I can only say thank you repeatedly to Guruji for finding me worthy of His care and taking us under His wings.

Thank you for everything Guruji. I hope I am able to be worthy of your love and protection. Jai Guruji!

Tejas Baranwal, a devotee

March 2016