A month in faith restores son's health

Tanvi Mittal, January 2013
The owner of a boutique in Ambala was distraught. Her single child would not eat more than a spoonful of food at meals. He had lost his appetite for the last four months. My mother came to know of this from the boutique owner, when she went to her shop.

She immediately told the owner about Guruji. If the mother invested her faith in Him, Guruji would bless her child, she said. She talked a bit more about Guruji and came home, but not before promising to send me, her daughter, to the shop to do a satsang. After a week, the boutique owner called me with good news. Since my mom had told her about Guruji, her son had started taking two spoonsful of food. She now wanted to meet me.

I went and engaged her in a satsang. I was moved to give Guruji's photograph to the boutique owner and even gave her a ritual of my faith: She should dip Guruji's photo in a glass of water and let her son sip it. Before giving her the photo, I prayed hard to Guruji: Let the photo pass on to the mother and son only if they really had faith in Him and He wanted to bless them. I would have been remorseful if they did not respect His photo.

For one month the boutique owner did what I had told her to do. After a month, I again went to her shop. She hugged me and began crying. She said, "Beta, I am very thankful to you and Guruji. My son is perfectly fine. His stomach is okay." She also confessed to lying: Her son had been unwell not since the last four months, but since the last four years. No one had been able to treat him, and she was tired of seeking treatment. And now, with Guruji's grace, her son was back to normal—in just a month.

Tanvi Mittal, a devotee

January 2013