"Jai Aish Kar"

Swetha Sehgal, January 2019
I am a mother who had left her job and was, resultantly, very depressed. I attended my first satsang three years ago and learnt about Guruji, but did not develop faith in Him. I kept my feelings close to my heart and was totally broken. In such a state, I went to Guruji's Bade Mandir. Outside the gate itself, I got a small swaroop of Guruji where 'Ja Aish Kar' (Go, enjoy yourself) was written. The next day, I received a call from the CBSE to set a Class 10 question paper. Guruji's presence through this swaroop took me out of depression, too, in time.

He again healed me when I developed an irritation in my left eye that just did not go away. I attend a satsang nearby and when the shabads played, tears came out of my left eye. My eye irritation disappeared.

Some time later, in October of 2018, it was my leg that got afflicted with a skin allergy. It was painful. After medical treatment, I got better but the allergy came back in January the next year. My right leg was covered in painful boils, and the doctor advised a blood test.

Subsequently, I got to know of the result and of His grace upon me in an odd manner. I had a dream in which I saw that I had gone to the Mandir with my brother and friend and that my test report said "blood cancer". I felt immediate concern for who would look after my younger daughter. In the Mandir, I saw Guruji wearing an orange chola. He kept my report with Himself, and gave me His own swaroop, which again proclaimed: Ja Aish Kar. When my blood report came out, it was normal. My infection too lessened.

May Guruji keep showering His blessings on all. Jai Guruji Maharaj!

Swetha Sehgal, a devotee

January 2019