Kalyan kitta-the supreme power of satsangs

Swati Dhawan, October 2014
I came to know about Guruji in year 2010 through an acquaintance who had come to my house for the first time. Now I know that Guruji Himself had sent her to me.

I had been married for four years but was unable to conceive. We took in-vitro fertilization treatment in January of 2010. That very month, a friend visited me. She brought along a devotee of Guruji, who told me about Guruji briefly and said she could provide me with a book on Him. I was keen and so asked for the book - Light of Divinity - which she gave to me that very evening. I began reading it randomly, as had been suggested. The very first day I read the satsang of a devotee, Shri Jethra. I kept reading more of the satsangs.

To my surprise, I got the news that conception had taken place on February 12th, which was also Shivratri. Guruji's blessing! I went to a Shiv mandir before going to the doctor to collect my reports.

As it turned out, I had got the news a day before the couple in the satsang - Shri Jethra's son Sumeet and daughter-in-law Chhavi - had got theirs. My belief in Guruji grew. Indeed, a month later I was told that I had a twin pregnancy - exactly what had happened in the satsang. I began telling my husband that I knew I would be blessed with a girl and a boy since everything was happening according to the satsang. Putting my faith firmly behind Guruji, I even told him that the date of the delivery would be in September. Doctors had suggested October end, but my prediction was in keeping with Chhavi Jethra's delivery date, which was September 21.

As it happened, I delivered on September 22 - a beautiful girl and a naughty boy. All dates thus coincided with Shri Jethra's satsang with a gap of one day. Guruji was in control of everything and it was all His blessings.

During my pregnancy, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. But the doctors were able to treat it. She had a recurrence in June 2014, which has affected her badly. I again pray to Guruji and bow to Him - please bless my mom and cure her, Guruji. (Shri Jethra's son was diagnosed of cancer, and Guruji healed him of it.)

Guruji you have blessed and protected your entire sangat. I know you will use your magical words, "Kalyan kitta", and bestow your blessings on us too.

Swati Dhawan, a devotee

October 2014