Guruji is always with us

Capt. Suresh Kumar Thakur, July 2011
My family and I came to Guruji's lotus feet during the second week of May 2005 and had the good fortune of His darshan at Empire Estate. It was Commander Vimal Nagpal, a friend and well-wisher of mine, who brought us to Guruji. On that first darshan, Guruji was wearing a shirt and trousers, and sitting casually . He could have been a normal man. Yet, the spiritual light and fragrance emanating from Him, gave me strong belief in Him at the very first visit.

Accident that didn't look like one

Some time after that visit, towards the end of May 2005, I was travelling back to Ropar from a visit to the Naina Devi shrine, the Bhakra Nangal Dam and Gurudwara Anandpur Sahib along with my family and relatives. While approaching Ropar through a narrow road, my car crashed with a small truck. Several iron rods protruding out of the truck pierced through the car's left side, tearing both the doors into two pieces. The impact was severe. Upon getting down, I was unable to open both the doors. The car was damaged badly and later both the doors had to be replaced. However, with the grace of Guruji, no one suffered even a single scratch. Guruji was there to save us from the impact of the accident.

Guruji leading the way during my sleep while driving car

. On yet another occasion, around three or to four years ago, Guruji again intervened. We were returning from Kaithal where we had gone to attend the marriage party of my brother-in-law's son. Our road trip to Kaithal, the bride's home, had seen heavy fog. It was no different while we were returning early in the morning to Ropar. The bridegroom, the bride, my wife Kavita and I were in the car. My sister-in-law's young son, Sanjeev, was on the wheels of his car with the doli. Visibility being negligible, I had handed over my own car to a driver . None of us had been able to even take a nap during the night. So everyone in the car was sleepy. But Sanjeev felt confident about taking us back to Ropar. Sitting along side him on the front seat, I tried to keep him awake and watchful, talking and putting on keeping the music system. On the way, I enquired whether he was fine with driving (I myself was feeling quite sleepy). He said yes, but as we were approaching Patiala, he stopped the car and requested me to take the wheel. I felt very uncomfortable, . but there was no alternative. I requested Sanjeev to keep talking to me and not to sleep. He agreed. To my dismay, as soon as he slumped down in the front seat, he started snoring.

I prayed to Guruji to kindly lead me and get us safely to our destination. I tried to keep awake while driving. We had just crossed Sirhind, when I felt the car was going down a slope on the road...suddenly, I found myself being woken up from sleep. In fact I had slept. I don't know for how long. Yet the car was going at a good speed and a truck fully laden with goods was just ahead of our car. I knew it was Guruji's blessing and grace that saw us drive home, even though I had fallen asleep at the wheel. After the incident at Sirhind, sleep left me; I was totally awake throughout the trip. With the grace of Guruji, we were all safe and sound and reached Ropar without any problem.

Blessing my Daughter Shilpa

Some six years before meeting Guruji, on May 6, 1999, my elder daughter Shilpa had sustained severe burn injuries (around 45 per cent of burns) during a fire in the Arjan Vihar building where we were staying. She was admitted in the Research & Referral Army Hospital, where she had received constant specialized treatment. She had gone through numerous skin graftings and plastic surgery. Then we touched Guruji's lotus feet at Empire Estate. Till the first darshan of Guruji in May 2005, my daughter has been going for regular check-ups and for further treatment to the R&R hospital. On a couple of occasions, the doctor had advised more surgery on the chin and the left arm, only to go back on his advice at the next meeting. This was due to Guruji's blessings. We understood that Guruji was fully aware of His devotee's problems and exercised His spiritual powers to heal them. As such, no problem need be brought before Him verbally. So, we always hesitated in talking to Him about our daughter. Yet, I was very keen on my daughter being specifically blessed, especially so as I had seen many healings take place through Guruji's blessings being poured into a copper tumbler. Perhaps this was the divine's wish, too. Commandar Nagpal again turned into our door to Guruji. He spoke to General Kapoor during the first-ever major satsang held in Gurgaon in January 2006. And Guruji directed my daughter to come the following Thursday to Empire Estate with a copper tumbler.

But that Thursday, Guruji was not physically available. He had gone to bless a marriage party elsewhere in Delhi. We had langar and returned, but went again to Empire Estate the following week on the same day. After taking langar, while seeking His permission to leave, the copper utensil was in my daughter's hand. We didn't know how to talk to Him regarding it, and we sat down along with the rest of the sangat. Upon seeing us, Guruji after about a minute or so beckoned towards me and my daughter. He asked me, "Kitthon aya hain? Kinne bhejya ha tainu?" (Where have you come from and who has sent you?) I was so nervous that I couldn't reply and Guruji addressed my daughter: "This is for you. Tell me your date of birth." Shilpa did so and Guruji blessed the copper utensil. He directed her to another devotee, Shri Singla, for further instructions on how to use the tumbler. Since then, Shilpa's recovery has been constant and speedy.

During this time, my daughter had completed her graduation from the University of Delhi. She wanted to do her MBA but was not getting admission into any good institution even though she was performing well in tests and interviews. Again, with the blessings of Guruji, she got admission in the IIPM at New Delhi. Soon, she was hired on campus by a BPO at Chennai. She completed her remaining studies and thesis at Chennai itself, because the company required her there. I would regularly visit her in Chennai, where she had taken up accommodation in a PG hostel. We wanted her to come back to Delhi, as we wanted to find a good match for her. Her company, however, wished to retain her at Chennai. A couple of her batchmates had meanwhile left for Delhi or been transferred. My daughter was eager to return.I told her not to worry: if Guruji wanted her to come back to Delhi and saw her benefit in that, she would surely come. We debated the issue within the family and she resigned on 1 Oct 2010. She had to serve a two-months notice and had booked her ticket for Delhi for 30 Nov 2010. But during the last two days of November, her company management asked her to withdraw her resignation. They said they were considering transferring her to Delhi, though management had already in principle accepted her resignation. So with Guruji's blessings, she was ultimately told to join at the Okhla office on the tenth of December.

Blessings by Guruji in Aeroplane while travelling to Dubai

On 24th February 2010, I was travelling with my wife Kavita and a couple who were our friends in an Air India flight from Delhi to Dubai on a pleasure trip. The travel time was three and a half hours. After dinner, I started feeling restless, but tried to compose myself. I knew that my blood pressure was constantly going down. I also did not want to worry my wife unnecessarily. But she could see from my face that some thing was wrong and enquired whether I was okay. I replied that I was fine and trying to sleep and take some rest. But I felt that I was sinking and was feeling totally unwell. I prayed to Guruji to take care of me and do the needful with His blessings.

After perhaps a few minutes or seconds, I found my friend and others sitting close by and the air hostesses shaking me vigorously. I had blanked out. There was still about half an hour left for the flight to land. No doctor was travelling in the aircraft. But I knew there was no need for one, as my doctor was with me!

I was given some lime juice and the crew tried to do whatever they could to make me feel at ease. My wife was still worried and I knew she was praying to Guruji for me.

Meanwhile, a message was sent across to Dubai airport as well. When the plane landed, we stayed on board till a doctor came. The doctor carried out some blood sugar tests, including noting down my blood pressure. Everything was normal and in order. Jai Guruji! I was by then 100 per cent fine and feeling good. Still I was taken on a wheelchair to the airport dispensary and checked again and given some medicines, which I was advised to repeat the following day. The following morning, at the hotel, I felt that I was 1000 per cent fit.

Guruji had given me a new lease of life. That too when we were on a flight headed to a foreign country, where things could have become worse. Thank You, Guruji, for my new life. My wife and I returned happily to Delhi on 1 March 2010.

Guruji retained me to stay at Delhi being in transferable service.

I had come on transfer from Kochi to New Delhi in Jan 1997. I requested the authorities not to transfer me to any other station. I wished to stay here as my elder daughter was undergoing treatment for her burn injuries at the R&R Army Hospital . In September 2003, I joined the DRDO headquarter and in March 2010 I was sounded out about regarding my proposed transfer to Visakhapatnam or Hyderabad.

I did not want to go, because now my younger daughter was doing her second-year B.Tech studies from Amity University, Noida, as a day scholar. And, with my elder daughter returning from Chennai, we wished to find a good match for her. We couldn't engage in this process, if we moved away from Delhi. Also, the completion of my younger daughter's studies required that we stay for another two years in Delhi. I again requested the authorities to retain me in Delhi for a couple of years. It was quite impossible that they accede, so I was worrying a lot. And I was continuously praying to Guruji to do the needful. And, lo, though I have been transferred, I have only moved to a new unit in New Delhi! Such are Sadguruji's blessings.

Capt. Suresh Kumar Thakur, I.N

July 2011