Guruji, "Tareef mumkin nahi"

Surbhi Gupta, December 2016
I was at a satsang recently and the song, Afreen Afreen, came up. I thought it was due to a bug in the play list—but rationalized that Guruji may have wanted to create a nice ambience for His satsang. I had heard that Guruji that would sometimes enjoy a few songs when He was in the mood. And, of course, it is true that the songs or shabads played during a satsang are chosen by Guruji. So I just enjoyed the whole song but with curiosity playing on my mind.

After the satsang I asked the devotee who had made the playlist about the song and she shared a beautiful satsang. She said a lady devotee had been asked how she felt when she met Guruji in physical form. She had no words to express her feelings. As she was wondering about how to answer, Afreen began playing in the next room. The lady devotee was listening to the song for the first time, but found that it expressed exactly what she felt when she met Guruji.

There can't be a better description of our divine Guruji than in these lyrics. Jai pyare Guruji!

Surbhi Gupta

December 2016