Guruji sorts out 'carma'

Sunny Bhalla, April 2012
My dad and my younger brother were planning to buy a new car, but my mom and I felt there was no need for it. They hoped to sell our Hyundai I 10 and take a loan for a new Nissan Micra diesel.

A good test drive emboldened them. With the down payment we could fork out, the equated monthly installments worked out to eleven thousand rupees. My brother, a working professional, found the sum high and wanted dad to pay more. I was angry: If my brother wanted a new car, he should save for the next few months and make a larger down payment.

My dad applied for the loan, and after more than a month it was approved. My dad and brother were happy, but we weren't. It was just a waste of money that would burden the home finances. Soon, my dad was called for the paper work, and went with mom.

I prayed to Guruji to get the loan cancelled. To my surprise, something strange happened. Issues cropped up at the financier's. Dad was told that three installments were still due on the I 10 and that he had credit-card dues worth forty thousand rupees. Dad was pissed off. The car installment was on time, he replied, and as for the card dues, a call to the bank would sort out the matter. In annoyance, he called the deal off.

I know how frustrating it was for dad to be at the receiving end of stupid questions, but I was happy. I looked at Guruji's photograph and thanked Him. I told mom that after she and dad had left for the paperwork, I had prayed to Guruji to avert coming events, because we didn't need a new car. Mom was glad. Thank you, Guruji, for listening to my true prayer and helping us avoid unnecessary expenses. I love you so much.

Sunny Bhalla, a devotee

April 2012