Guruji brings family together

Sunil Kundra, September 2016
I came to know about Guruji's Bade Mandir when I visited a friend, who was in a financial crisis. He had a factory where he had put up Guruji's photograph. I went with him to Bade Mandir in year 2007. I would sit in the Mandir for hours together, filled with peace. I lived alone in Delhi and was facing financial and family problems. My wife along with my two daughters lived out of the capital because of her job. She was not hopeful of a transfer, which required that we grease the palms of certain people.

When my wife and kids visited Delhi for a holiday at her mother's place, I told her about Guruji Maharaj's Bade Mandir. She was full of faith, pronouncing that I was lucky to be going to a blessed place thanks to the call that must have come from God Himself.

Guruji's grace rapidly ensued upon our family. In 2009, my wife give birth to a son - 15 years after our marriage. She was above 37 years of age, so l felt that she would face medical problems. Yet she gave birth to a healthy boy even though it was her third Caesarian operation.

After some time she filled up her transfer form. I took the matter casually, knowing that a transfer was improbable without a bribe or the intervention of an influential person. Yet within two months she was transferred and promoted as well. My daughters and son are studying well. My family life is now settled; my life has been transformed through Guruji's blessings.

I go to Bade Mandir regularly. Every moment of my life is a blessing from Guruji Maharaj. I thank Him for His continual shower of blessings.

Sunil Kundra, a devotee

September 2016