I hold my friend's hand, and Guruji gets him a job

Sumit Sarabhai, September 2012
Since I got associated with Guruji, I have met with people who needed some kind of help, be it personal or professional. These were often people whom I met for the very first time. I thought it was an opportunity for me to introduce those people to Guruji and do my bit.

One of them was a friend of a friend-Yash Kumar. I met Yash in March 2011 through one of my friends. I was told that Yash had lost his job in June 2010 due to the recession. His family condition was not very good. He had lost his father, and his mother was old and couldn't earn. He and his mother were dependent on his maternal uncle.

After I met Yash, I decided to help him search for a suitable job and referred him to my company. He prepared sincerely for the interview for almost two months; it became the be-all and end-all for him. He even told me that if he did not get the job, he would commit suicide. I told my parents and they asked me to advise him to think of his mother before taking such an extreme step. We counseled him to keep trying hard for the job and hope for the best to happen.

The interview was held on May 2011 and, unfortunately, Yash wasn't able to clear it. He was dejected when he disclosed the news to me. I asked him to meet me in my office, where I consoled him by giving him hope that he would definitely get a great job soon. But he wasn't ready to bear rejection once again.

At this time, I told Yash about Guruji. I had met Guruji on 16 April 2011 and got to know about Guruji's blessings and satsangs through His devotees in Bangalore. I did satsangs with Yash for about two hours and told him about Guruji, His divine blessings, divine prasad, the Mantra Jaap and Bade Mandir. Yash showed keen interest and I urged him to go to Bade Mandir and receive blessings from Guruji. But he was going to Lucknow after a couple of days.

Yash couldn't depart from Lucknow for nearly two months due to family matters. He couldn't go to Delhi and visit the Mandir. Whenever he would call me from Lucknow, I would ask him about his job and the answer was always a "No". I would always ask him to go to the Mandir and reaffirm that Guruji would help him with His blessings.

On July 22, 2011, a Friday, Yash went to the Bade Mandir. He spent substantive time there, had langar prasad and came back. Two days later, on July 24 he got a job offer from a good company. He rejected it because of unavoidable reasons. Two days later, on Tuesday, July 26, he got another interview call from a good company based in Noida, and he got the final offer letter on July 29. He immediately called me and told me that Guruji had done it! It was a moment of joy for him, his family and my family and friends. We were sure that Guruji had blessed him.

Guruji saves my job

I work in a software company as a lead and my day-to-day activity involves interaction with clients and taking care of a team of engineers. I have been working with this company for the last five years without any problems.

One month after I got associated with Guruji, one of my engineers told me that he had done an analysis for a client based in the US and that we needed to provide an update to the client. I spoke to the client over the phone and updated him about the analysis done by the engineer. The client requested me to send the analysis along with a timestamp showing when the analysis was undertaken.

One day before I spoke to this client, my manager and I had a conversation with a representative of my company (we call him TAM) who is deployed at the client's office regarding the ongoing analysis and research. This conversation led to a heated argument. The TAM told us that he will escalate the issue to managers higher in the hierarchy.

After a lengthy conversation with the customer, I promised him that I would send an email with the analysis and research done by the engineer along with the timestamp. After the call, I asked my engineer to compose an email with all the work that he had done along with the timestamp so that I could forward it to the client. The engineer said he would do it in a few hours. At the end of the day the engineer sent an email to me. I looked at the email and without checking the contents of the research and the timestamp, I forwarded it to the client. Since it was the end of the day, I came back home.

The next day as soon as I reached office I checked my emails. There was an email from the client and he had copied it to my manager, his manager and the TAM. In the email, the client had written that the analysis had many discrepancies and abnormalities. He accused me of breaking his trust in the quality of our work and asked for intervention from higher management. He also threatened to sue my company for breach of trust.

I immediately summoned the engineer to understand what the customer was referring to. The engineer informed me that he had done the analysis two days ago but since the computer system abruptly shut down, he lost everything. Therefore, he did the analysis again and changed the date to show the client that it was done a few days ago. Considering the gravity of the situation, I immediately involved my manager and updated him on the sequence of events. After a thorough discussion, my manager told me that if the TAM and the client complained about the incident, I would lose my job. He pointed out that the email had been sent from my email id; I should start looking out for a new job immediately, he advised.

I was completely embarrassed and unable to think of anything at the time. It was as good as getting terminated from the job. Those were the worst moments of my life. My manager advised me to speak to the TAM and explain my stand to him. Since we had recently argued with the TAM, I was not very confident that he would support me.

At this time, Guruji came to my rescue. After considering all the options, I realized that I was at the losing end. At that time the only one who came to my mind was Guruji. I came out of the meeting room and went to a devotee, Shri Amit, who keeps a divine photograph of Guruji with him. I asked him to give Guruji's photograph to me for some time and he at once obliged. I kissed Guruji, prayed to Him many times and then kept the photograph between my laptop and the phone. Then I called the TAM to discuss the issue.

I still find it unbelievable to accept what transpired between me and the TAM. It was like Guruji was speaking in the voice of the TAM. The TAM took a U-turn. He was polite, told me not to worry about anything and also asked me to write down a few points which I could refer to when explaining the situation to anyone. It was as if Guruji was directing me to speak only what was relevant to bail me out of the situation. Our conversation lasted for about 15 minutes. I immediately felt a big sense of relief. The TAM assured me that everything would be alright and I shouldn't worry about anything. The call finished on a very happy note.

I knew it was Guruji for sure. I thanked Guruji for His blessings and kissed Him again. My manager and the engineer were unable to digest what had happened on the call, but I knew it was all done by a savior, Lord Shivji. It was a miracle for all of us. Jai Guruji!

Sumit Sarabhai, a devotee

September 2012