Retrieved From The Clutches Of Cancer

Sumeet and Chhavi Jethra, July 2007
Before having Guruji's darshan, my life seemed to be drifting away, under the spell of the all-pervasive kalyuga, towards an unknown destination. The turmoil and hurdles I faced had made me completely lose faith in God. I doubted His existence and stopped going to temples or offering prayers. Disheartened, I used to wonder: Had God just created me to enjoy the show when I was in trouble? And if at all He existed--He was a sadist.

Yet Guruji took me under His sharan (protection) and blessed me with His divine darshans at a time when I had lost all hope in life. He nurtured me like a mother, gave me so much that I do not know where to begin thanking Him. I now wonder at the tremendous love and protection Guruji gave to me-which I did not deserve after I had abandoned faith in God and turned into an atheist. Guruji silently took away my unforeseen miseries without ever letting me know of them. Even then, there are countless blessings to share with fellow travelers in faith-which were made evident to me in my beautiful journey with and towards Lord Shiva.

Retrieved from the clutches of cancer

We were first blessed with the darshan of Guruji Maharaj in March 1998. I was 24 years old then and had been operated upon for neuroblastoma, a malignant tumour. My life had been devastated.

A colleague of my mother, both doctors by profession, had told us about the miraculous powers of Guruji. But, a newcomer like me was naturally sceptical. As directed, we told Guruji (as if there was any need) about my condition. Guruji's response was: "Kalyan kitta (I have blessed you)." Little did we realise the impact of these words. When Guruji says something, it is eternal truth. It took us a long time to realise that I had been eternally blessed.

I was getting the blessed langar and prasad which was Guruji's medicine for treating me. And the result was for all to see. Unbelievably, I was on the road to recovery.

A couple of months later the divine healing was confirmed. I had gone for a CT scan six months after the operation to check the status of the disease. The scan showed that the three suspicious patches (on the liver, kidney and stomach) that had been observed in the post-operative scan earlier had now disappeared. A Miracle with a capital M had just occurred: My body had been retrieved from the clutches of cancer!

With Guruji's blessings I recovered completely in due course of time. Today it has been eight years since cancer afflicted me. I have not only shaken off the disease, I retain Guruji's blessings of good health. The only medicines I have been taking are the langar and the chai prasad. The same doctors who had been dismissively sceptical about my recovery now tell me to forget that I ever had cancer. They don't need to tell me: I know I have got a new life with the grace of Guruji's blessings.

From Phagwara to Delhi by car - eyes wide shut

In February 2002, we got an invitation from Guruji to attend a marriage. The marriage was in Phagwara, Punjab, which was several hundred kilometres from Delhi. My parents and I went for the marriage. On the wedding day, we started off in the morning in our car and reached the venue in the evening. Guruji had come personally to bless the couple and the sangat present. After the ceremony, Guruji asked us and another devotee Gen. Malhotra to leave for Delhi without staying over for the night. We did as told.

It was 12:30 in the night when we headed towards Delhi. Our car was following Gen. Malhotra's Gypsy; I was behind the steering wheel. Soon after we started the journey, my parents fell asleep. After 15 minutes of driving, I too started feeling a bit sleepy. It being night and there being little or no traffic on the highway, we were travelling at speeds of over 100 kmph. As time progressed, I felt more and more sleepy. I could not wake up dad, as he was already very tired from the daylong journey and we had to follow Guruji's aadesh (instructions), so the journey could not be avoided.

Thrice I was jolted from my sleep only to realise that the car was going off the road. It was comfortably steered back on track every time.

I remember we had stopped the car once and I had washed my face with cold water to freshen up a bit. That it did not help was another matter altogether. We kept on driving the whole night. I could barely hold my head up to see the road. My eyes were remotely locked to the taillights of the Gypsy ahead with the hands taking the support of the steering wheel. I knew that if the car ahead braked, I would not be able to brake in time even though I was maintaining a good distance. I also know that I do not remember passing by a single town that night. I do not remember seeing any other vehicle that we might have passed. All I remember is that after entering Delhi in the morning, I asked my father to drive, as I could not do so further.

Was it me who was driving the car that night? Or was there an invisible force that was keeping the car on track for so many hundreds of kilometres. Even today, when I tell people about this incident, they are horrified. Anything could have happened that night. But, I know, Guruji is there, always protecting us all, no matter where we are, whether we are awake or driving or sleeping.

We just have to follow His aadesh without thinking about ifs and buts. We are bound to succeed because His blessings are there with us. He is the one who has to do everything while it may appear that we are doing something. All we can say is: Thank you, Guruji!

The Master (Wedding) Planner

Soon after I had been cured of cancer, Guruji would frequently tell my parents, "Munde da vyah kara do" (Get your son married) whenever we visited Him. A search was launched, but without success. Somehow things were not materializing anywhere. We told Guruji about this. He replied: "Tainu punjabi kudi dilaunga" (You will get a Punjabi girl.) Since we did not know any Punjabi family, we asked Guruji if we should put an advertisement in the newspapers. He forbade this, saying, "Chinta na kar, ho jayega" (Don't worry, it will be done.) Again, we did not realise the truth behind Guruji's words. Since I never used to go to any social gatherings, we were wondering how this would happen as even most of my friends in office had relocated.

I rarely ever used to visit the office canteen. But, once when I had gone there with some colleagues, a girl suddenly came and asked me about one of my friend, Deepak. I told her that Deepak had left office some time back. The girl, Chhavi, had done her MCA training under my friend before he had left. Now she had joined our office as an employee after a gap of one year. Soon, things started moving in the right direction. We asked Guruji about the match, which He blessed. Need I add here that the girl belonged to a Punjabi family as Guruji had foretold almost 3 years ago?

On a numbed leg, I get out of office snare

I was once having a lot of trouble in office. The result was that we would remain very tense and lie awake all night. I developed severe acidity and suffered from lack of sleep. Due to the situation, I could not even take leave from office. This went on for one full week.

On Monday morning, next week, I woke up and found that my right leg had developed a peculiar problem. I could not control my right foot beyond the 90-degree angle. That meant I could not stretch it and it would drop lifelessly whenever I lifted my foot. At first it seemed as though it was a temporary numbness. But when there was no improvement during the whole day, it seemed as though a major problem was round the corner. Meanwhile, I had to compulsorily take leave from office, as I could not even walk normally. I had to drag my foot while walking since I could not lift it. I got the leave - an impossible request considering the situation prevailing in office the previous week - easily.

Over the next few days, we were running around in hospitals where a number of tests, particularly of the nerves, were done to find out the cause of the problem. All the reports said everything was normal, yet we had a problem at hand. During this time I realised, that when the need so arose, I could drive a two-wheeler and even the car. And this I did, since I had to drop my wife to office, which was a few kilometres away. Since I could control the foot when the angle was less than 90-degrees, I could drive even though the problem was in the right foot, which is used for braking and acceleration.

The severity of the 'problem' helped me in easily getting leave from office and the running around in hospitals for tests took my mind completely off the office tension. Three weeks after the 'problem' was first discovered, I resumed work at office. I was fit and fine mentally as well as physically. Where the so-called 'problem' had come from and where it vanished to no one knows. The 'problem' was never diagnosed and a solution never found. But this 'problem' did take away my real problem.

How Guruji solves our problems so perfectly only He knows. And everything fits in place like a jigsaw puzzle when the Master craftsman is at work.

Landing in the lap of God

One evening, I was going to pick my wife from office. Since I was getting late, I was going fast at around 70 kmph. Suddenly, on a busy crossing, something came under the wheel of my scooter. The impact was such that I just flew off it and hit the ground headfirst. Due to the high momentum, I skidded on the road with my head and right shoulder bearing all the weight. I went on skidding for a long distance as did my scooter. Once I was able to get up, I took a taxi and came back home. Except for minor bruises on the leg and a collarbone fracture from which I recovered within a week, I was completely all right.

Guruji's grace and protective power was clearly evident throughout. Even though the accident took place at a very busy intersection during peak office hours, yet not a single vehicle was present on the stretch of road. The impact with which I had landed on my head should have normally resulted in severe head injuries at the very least, if not a broken neck resulting in fatality. On the contrary, there was not even a single scratch on my face. During the long distance along which both I and the scooter skid, I could easily have been hit either by my own vehicle or crashed into the central verge which was just a few feet away. And last but not the least, recovering from a collarbone fracture in a week is nothing short of a miracle in itself.

Evidence of the fact is that exactly a week after the accident, we had to shift our residence. While my parents were out, I along with my wife shifted all the heavy furniture in the house. My shoulder bore all that weight comfortably.

Guruji's protection surpasses all odds. Long before we know that we are in trouble, Guruji has arranged for our protection us from the same. Either the severity of the problem is reduced or it is completely eradicated even before it occurs.

Protection unlimited: Saved once again

I along with my wife had left our Gurgaon home for office one day and since we were running late, I was driving fast. It was a straight stretch of wide road and practically empty. Suddenly, the person travelling ahead of us on a scooter stopped in the middle of the road to talk to someone. He did not know that there was another vehicle, mine, behind him. I braked sharply, but the car skidded and hit the scooter. The person was thrown off his scooter and he landed on the windscreen of our car. He was brought to one side and made to lie down on the grass. He had been hit in the back badly and was not able to sit up because of the impact. We took him to a nearby hospital where he was kept under observation for the day. Except for a minor cut on the head, there was no other injury. Guruji had saved us yet one more time.

Satsangs of my wife, Chhavi

I get a job in 48 hours

March 2005: I was very upset with my job at that time. I had been trying for a change of job since the last two years, but without success. Unnecessary late hours, a bad work culture and poor work appreciation was commonplace. One day, which happened to be a Thursday, out of sheer frustration, I decided to skip office. I just prayed to Guruji about my job. Suddenly, in the evening I decided to apply for openings available online and we left for Sumeet's office.

I felt Guruji's presence close to me at that time. On the way to the office, I got a call from a friend saying that there were vacancies in their office at Noida. I looked at Guruji's photo in the car, and felt as if Guruji was giving a smile. I mailed my resume to my friend, and the very next morning got a call for a test and interview to be held on Saturday.

Since only half a day was left for the interview, and there were lots of things to study, I asked Sumeet to test me. He took the test for less than an hour and asked about 10 to 15 questions randomly from a database of more than 1000 questions. After that I asked him if I had passed the test, and he said: "Yes." I felt as if it was not Sumeet, but Guruji who had said: "Yes."

At the interview I was to go through two rounds. The first round was a written test. If cleared, it would be followed by a technical interview. In the first round, the seat that was allotted to me had a photograph of Lord Shiva as the desktop wallpaper. I took it as a message from Guruji that I would get through in the written round. And I cleared the round comfortably.

In the next round, I was asked questions pertaining to my subject. And believe it or not, I was asked the very same questions that Sumeet had asked me the night before! While all other candidates were interviewed for at least an hour, I was given the green signal in just 15 minutes. Not only that, my salary package was double of what I was getting earlier and I had a comfortable work environment.

While the interview was being conducted, Sumeet was waiting for me outside the office. When I went back, before I could say anything, Sumeet cut me short and asked me: "Have you got the appointment letter today or will they give it on Monday?" After that I told him whatever had happened inside.

For a non-believer, this may seem like a series of coincidences, but the fact remains that it was only due to Guruji's mehar that I got to switch jobs in just 48 hours. Not only was I able to change over from a dissatisfying work environment, I got a job that was far more suitable and better than my last one in all respects.

There are innumerable instances of Guruji blessings. It is not possible to list all those, only some of the major ones have been listed here. We are eternally thankful to Guruji that He is always there to protect us, guide us and shower His blessings on us.

'Course completed in one Go!'

After 2 years of marriage, we had planned to start a family. When we didn't succeed for some time, we decided to seek medical advice. The doctors confirmed that it would be nearly impossible for us go the family way normally. But, all was not lost yet. We got a message from Guruji to go in for treatment as Guruji had blessed us for the same. On New Year's Eve of 2006, Guruji, while giving prasad to me said "Ja tainu dawai ditti" (I have given you medicine.)

About a month and a half later, on 13 February, which also happened to be my birthday, He gave us a gift when the report confirmed the 'good news'. Our joy knew no bounds and we had no words to thank Guruji. On 26 February 2006, which was Shivratri, I had a massive haemorrhage. I was in terrible pain the whole day. Sumeet placed a photo of Guruji by my side after which I got some relief and was able to sleep for an hour. In the evening, my brother-in-law Hitesh called us up from Bade Mandir and told us that my name was in the list for aarti and that we should be there in time. Upon hearing this, tears rolled down our eyes as to how much Guruji cares for each one of His sangat. Even though our doctor had given strict instructions that

I should not move out of the bed, not even to the bathroom, and I did not even have the strength to get up the whole day, a miracle happened after the phone call from Bade Mandir. Suddenly, I was not only able to get out of bed, I got ready and reached Bade Mandir just in time for the aarti.

Since the doctor had advised complete bed rest for a few days and even forbade us to come to her, as any movement could have been dangerous, we visited her after a few days. The doctor became pale after examining me. She told us that it was a massive haemorrhage and the placenta had been detached but both the babies were fine and growing well. That was another of Guruji's miracle. Of course we did not have the nerve to tell her that I had travelled nearly 80 kms the other day.

After this incident I was prescribed a very heavy dose of medicines, which were causing a lot of nausea. I was not even able to take that much dose so every time I would pray to Guruji save me from the medicines. Soon I was diagnosed with jaundice due to overmedication. The doctor had no choice but to stop all my medicines. Thank you Guruji once again.

Doctors had given us October 22 as the due date but on September 21, 2006 as conveyed to us by Guruji we received the most beautiful gift - a pair of twins. After discharge from hospital, we took the new borns to Empire Estate to get Guruji's blessings. Guruji very lovingly smiled on them and blessed them to be Arjun and Gauri. And Rajinder (DJ) uncle lovingly commented, 'Guruji ne ek hi baar mein course complete kara diya" (Guruji has completed your family in one go!)

We know Guruji we can never thank you enough for all that you have done for us. We wish Good Health & Long Life for you who have given everything. Thank you Guruji.

Sumeet and Chhavi Jethra, devotees

July 2007