He is with us forever

Suman, March 2010
I came to Guruji's sharan with my husband in the year 1995 at Greater Kailash. We were childless after several years of marriage and really sad. No treatment had any effect. As we went and sat in the sangat, Guruji came out from His room and gave us amrit. It was our first sangat visit and we were really not aware of the significance and spiritual power of the amrit. Today, looking back at that evening, we feel fortunate to have been so blessed on the very first visit.

Then Guruji gave us a short opportunity to speak. Yet, before my husband could fully explain why we had come, Guruji said, "Agle saal" (Next year.) It appears unbelievable-as it does to every person coming to Him for the first time-that two words from Guruji would be enough to end our troubles, but that's what happened. With Guruji's blessings, we had a son the next year. Of course, the doctors had no explanation and were surprised.

Truly, after you come in Guruji's sharan, His blessings are always with you; in fact they keep you going.

Despite boss's wishes, my husband gets a good review

In the year 2002, my husband was posted in Assam. His boss was troubling him and intended to spoil his Annual Confidential Report (ACR). My husband was very tense and turned to Guruji. On 7th February, at around 7.00 a.m., he took his bath, bolted the room from inside and prayed intensely to Guruji. Guruji indicated that He had heard His devotee's prayer: the fan in the room suddenly started whirling at full speed; the room was filled with Guruji's fragrance. Guruji had unmistakably reassured my husband that he would take care of the situation.

In the following month, his boss was transferred out. The new superior officer, without any persuasion, upgraded my husband's ACR.

Guruji's benevolent protection manifested itself again a year later. In 2003, while I was in Srinagar, Kashmir, two ladies stayed in the same building as ours. They teamed up against me and made my life miserable. Their taunting, negative attitude became unbearable. For any and every trouble that we have in life, be it small or big, Guruji is our ultimate resort. So I prayed to Guruji one morning.

The same evening when my husband came back home, he had good news: one of his colleagues was being transferred and the very next day, the ladies were moving out from the building.

Exonerated in accident case

My husband was facing a vehicle accident case in the Patiala Court, Delhi. The case was dragging on unnecessarily, and my husband had to come down from Assam for every hearing. It was 2005 and it was a must that the case be settled for my husband's career progression.

On the given date, my husband appeared in court only to find that his advocate was missing. The case was at the final stage, and my husband was afraid the judge would give another date in the absence of his advocate. But to his surprise, the judge instructed my husband to try and locate the advocate.

After about half an hour, the judge checked in again. Then he sent out his peon to my husband, called him and gave him the judgment that he was acquitted. It was impossible for this to happen-Guruji's hand was evident. That very year, my husband was posted to Delhi. All due to Guruji's grace, since there was no chance of his being moved to Delhi at that time.

A car filled with blessings

In year 2005, we purchased a new car and en route to Jaipur, we stopped the car in front of Guruji's Mandir at Empire Estate at about 10 in the morning. We knew that since the sangat was held at night, there was no possibility of having Guruji's darshan at that time. We just prayed to Guruji for His blessings. Almost instantly, the entire car was filled with Guruji's fragrance. We were all delighted!

Guruji's blessings are endless. There are many hurdles and troubles that are not able to touch us with Guruji's grace and we don't ever get to know of them. It is His Kripa that we came to His lotus feet and got connected with Him. He has transformed our life completely and made all of it very very smooth. We pray that He continues His kripa for ever on all of us.

Suman, devotee

March 2010