Guruji opens doors of engineering college

Sukraat Chopra, April 2012
We've been devotees of Guruji since the Shivratri of 1997. Yet years were to pass before I could understand that there is no need to worry if you sincerely believe in Guruji. A recent instance helped anchor my belief.

I cleared class 12th with good grades and gave entrance tests for engineering colleges. After appearing for the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) I calculated my marks on the basis of answers I found over the internet. To my horror, the marks fell far short of the previous year's cutoffs for reputed colleges. That put paid to my dream of trying to get to a college where one studied for knowledge and not just to pass the exams. Right throughout my academic career, I had assiduously aimed to reach this goal. Now, I was shattered.

But I'd forgotten that Guruji was with me and would not let His children be in distress when they had put in sincere effort and had full faith in Him.

In a couple of days, results for the reputable Vellore Institute of Technology came out and I got an all-India rank (AIR) that would allow me admission in any stream of choice. My parents and I were reassured that all was not lost. The results of the AIEEE too ensured I would definitely get admission in one of the government engineering colleges of Chandigarh. The cutoffs for the Chandigarh region had fallen and we knew whose hand was behind it!

My parents, especially my grandparents, were elated that I would not have to go far away-the other option was Tamil Nadu-for studying and would stay in Chandigarh. The first counselling session saw me obtain the last seat for government colleges in Chandigarh. We knew this would change for the better in due course; I felt good but was not happy. I didn't want to study in a place where marks and exams were the be all and end all. At that time, my mother had a darshan of Guruji. In her dream, He told her that I was studying in Punjab University.

The final round of counseling saw reality mimic Guruji's hukm: I got admission in the Department of Chemical Engineering in Punjab University. The cutoff had fallen that year by 12,000 all-India ranking points--and just for me. The huge drop fell only during my batch, not before not after! Who could have done this but Guruji? Presently, I am in the second year of my bachelor's in chemical engineering and doing great.

The dictum of my faith is: Guruji nu mann ke manno na ki mang ke manno. Fulfillment of a devotee's desires cannot be the touchstone of your faith in Guruji, rather following Him, or His teachings, is. Guruji is God and God is Guruji. Jai Guruji!

Sukraat Chopra, a devotee

April 2012