How Guruji rewrote my fate

Sukhi Aunty, July 2007 हिंदी
I met Guruji in 1995 at Jalandhar. Sardar Sudarshan Singh Sekhon, who lives in Sangrur, sent me to pay my respects to Guruji. He told me that Guruji is the only Guru on earth who can change and rewrite one's destiny. At that point, I could not realize what he meant.

The day I met Guruji, He asked me to drive Him down to the cantonment, where He wanted to phone someone in Delhi regarding the building of the Bade Mandir. It was late in the evening, and Guruji was proving to be quite a backseat driver. He would keep asking me to drive in one lane and then ask me to switch to the other. After I had done this quite frequently, I wondered what Guruji was doing. I was to find out very soon.

Right then Guruji told me that a black car would soon come round the corner and that I should hail and stop it. Hardly had Guruji finished saying this, that a black Fiat appeared. Two of His devotees, Colonel (now retd.) Joshi and his son Nitin, were in the car. They took us to their house. En route, Nitin told me that they had minutes ago felt Guruji's presence when the strong rosy aroma so typical of Guruji's presence had washed through their house. On the spur of the moment, they had decided to go to the Jalandhar Mandir. In fact, the Joshis usually took another route but that day, Nitin told me, they had decided to take the route on which we happened to be coming.

I immediately realized that the incident was an introduction to Guruji in its own way: it showed me how omniscient and omnipresent a Mahapurush is.

A town disappears on the way to Ludhiana

I took leave from Guruji's Mandir in Jalandhar at about 2.30 am and drove down to Ludhiana with my father and my two daughters. The road to Ludhiana is straight with no turns. There were no other vehicles on the road and my car must have been doing 90 km/hr. But it was a strange driving experience. Even more strangely, I did not cross Phagwara, one of the main towns between Jalandhar and Ludhiana! When I reached home, I wondered but could not understand what had happened.

The mystery was clarified next day, when I went to Jalandhar again, and Guruji asked me: "Sukhi, was the car going at 90 km/hr last night?" I was stunned: how had He known?

Guruji went on to say that black magic spells had been cast on me and that He had taken their ill-effects on Himself the night before. Guruji had vomited blood out that night. He even showed me a black patch on His right ankle, which remained there for several months. Only then did I realize the significance of rewriting destiny. Guruji told me that I was up against a peak period of troubles. He said that I would not have crossed the age of 45 years, had the black magic been allowed to run its course.

After that meeting with Guruji, my face that had turned nearly black - the most visible sign of black magic - started regaining its natural colour. I also lost nearly 14 kg of weight. Today, thanks to Guruji, I am 55 years old and enjoying my new life.

After 100 arid years, sweet water gushes out

Over these 10 years of my association with Guruji since 1996, many instances of His divine help have come to pass. Once, we had bought land near Chandigarh in Dabkauri village. Guruji asked us to put up a tubewell and grow vegetables there. The land was drilled at a particular place for water. The bore went down 420 feet but found no water. A survey was done and it was found that the land did not have a drop of water.

We went to Guruji in Delhi and told Him about the survey. He told us to drill at a particular spot. We did so and water gushed out. There was so much water that the pipes were in danger of bursting. And uncharacteristically for groundwater, the water that burst out was sweet and brought out blue pebbles with it. We immediately left for Delhi to thank Guruji.

He said: "Guru Nanak Devji took out water from the spot near where He was sitting. I have taken out water in your land sitting here in Delhi and this water has come out after 100 years." The entire village of Dabkauri was astonished. Guruji admonished us never to sell the water from the spot or else it would dry up.

Guruji reveals divinity's real faces

Sekhon Sahib, a man of high spiritual attainment, came with his elder brother to Jalandhar to meet Guruji. Guruji took them both to an inner room. According to Sekhon Sahib, Guruji filled His bed with diamond sets and asked the elder brother to pick up any set that he wanted. He begged Guruji to keep him out of the snares of materialism. Then, Guruji asked Sekhon Sahib what he wanted. He requested Guruji to bestow on him a darshan of Guru Nanak Devji. Guruji just smiled and walked out of the room.

A month and a half later, Sekhon Sahib was immersed in a samadhi in his first-floor room, its two doors locked from the inside. Guruji materialized in front of him, woke him out of his samadhi and gave him Guru Nanak Devji's darshan. For a full 45 minutes, Sekhon Sahib saw the Sikh Guru sitting on a bed. Sekhon Sahib says Guruji has given him darshan of all the ten Sikh Gurus and of the medieval bhakti saints, Kabir and Meera. Sekhon Sahib also says that many idols found in our temples and gurdwaras do not match the divine faces he has seen during these darshan.

I personally have seen over these years that Guruji can control life, death and bestow darshan of all Gods and of Himself as Shivji. Who then is He? THE ALMIGHTY HIMSELF! He has taken human form to burn to ashes all the karmic reactions of our sinful activities.

Why then should one not serve this Guru, without whom the door of the mind cannot open, for no one else has the key!

[Sukhi aunty, formerly a professional teacher, she lives in Chandigarh. She is a Sanawarian and has known Guruji since 1995.]

Sukhi Aunty, former professional teacher

July 2007