Lives heal with Guruji's magic

Sudakhina Datta, June 2010
May Guruji and I never part. Guruji is God in human form. And I needed both God and magic.

"Yahan jaadu ho sakta hai" (magic can happen here.) These were Mr. Raghu Rai's words to me when he brought me to Guruji for the first time in September 2006.

Indeed my family needed magic to overcome the horrible reality staring us in the face. Doctors had given my brother a maximum of two to three months to live since he had had a cancer relapse. The first time he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma he was treated in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, in 2003. An year later he had a relapse and had to go to London for a stem-cell transplant. And now again the cancer had resurfaced in September of 2006. There was no line of treatment left. There was nothing the doctors could do.

I was distraught for my brother as well as for my parents. I knew my parents would not be able to survive this trauma. My father was in his eighties, and my mother was bedridden and paralyzed since suffering a cerebral stroke in 2005.

I went berserk and tried whichever remedy was suggested-Reiki, Buddhist healing, chanting, all kinds of prayers, worshipping at mandirs etcetera. And now I was at Guruji's durbar.

I feel that he blessed me the very first time I did pranam at His lotus feet. I had an extraordinarily beautiful yet physical sensation, a blissful, floating kind of feeling.... I felt like staying there with my forehead at His lotus feet forever!

My brother, being an atheist, would not have consented to the copper-tumbler blessings. (He is based in KolKata and had not seen Guruji or the Mandir). So Shri Rai advised me to continue coming every week to Guruji and strive to make a 'connection' with Guruji. I did so faithfully. I was drawn like a magnet to Guruji, as my distraught mind somehow found peace and hope at His lotus feet. And many a time Guruji blessed me with His rose fragrance, as if to reassure me that He was taking care.

In the meanwhile, the satsangs of Shri Rai and Col. (retd.) Chatterjee, which showed that Guruji could cure such impossible cases, gave me hope and strength.

I gradually began to feel that I was at an incredibly special place, a place like no other in the whole world.

And as I write this today, my brother is hale and hearty-for more than three and a half years now, instead of the doctor's three-month prediction! And I know that nothing can touch him now, as he is protected by God, that is, Guruji Himself.

Guruji's blessings healed my mother, too. She began walking after two and a half years in bed and could even handle the staircase with a little help.

In March 2010, Guruji ensured that I was at a satsang while my mother was being admitted to an ICU with another cerebral thrombosis. (Note that while I was making arrangements to go to Guruji's satsang, I had no idea about my mother being ill in Kolkata.) She is safely back at home now, and I firmly believe she will walk again. Guruji had called me to His side, as He was shielding us all from the peril my mother would have faced. Doctors too admit that things could have gone horribly wrong and she was saved in the nick of time.

I cannot begin to enumerate His countless blessings and the protection He has showered on me and my loved ones. My heart-felt pranam at His Lotus feet! May I and my loved ones be allowed to remain at His charan sharan in this life and all other lives to come, and may we never be parted till the end of time.

Sudakhina Datta, a devotee

June 2010