Shraddha leads to healing

Sonika Raina, June 2016
My daughter was born on December 2014. A few days after delivery, we noted that her left eye had an infection and that it discharged water. We went to the pediatrician, who found that the tear ducts were blocked. He recommended that we gently massage the tear duct. We did so, but nothing happened. After six months we went back to the pediatrician. He recommended that the infant's eye be probed under general anesthesia via a syringe. Unwilling to subject an infant to this, we went to seven to eight doctors. All of them told us that probing was required. It was May of 2016, and my daughter, whom we had named Shraddha, was just 18 months old.

Fortunately, my sister-in-law came to our house around that time. She saw that my daughter's eye was watery and had swollen. She was a devotee of Guruji and had faith that Guruji would heal my daughter. She advised and encouraged us to go to Bade Mandir with Shraddha.

The next day was a Monday, and my bhabhi, my daughter and I went to Guruji at Bade Mandir. We all had jal, chai and halwa prasad and returned home. A couple of days later, I was using my mobile to look at a Facebook page which had a swaroop of Guruji. My daughter took the mobile and touched her eyes to Guruji's swaroop and then kissed it. She began saying "Jai". Two days later, we saw that her eyes had healed. There was no watery discharge, no swelling, and no redness. It was all due to Guruji's blessings. I love you, Guruji, sada saahay rehna. Jai Guruji!

Sonika Raina, a devotee

June 2016