Guruji's birthday gift: My son's life

Sonia Mehra, August 2014
Guruji's grace is beyond compare. Even if you go to Him once, He takes you under His refuge forever - that is what has happened to me and my family.

His grace came to our rescue from January this year. It was the 23rd and my youngest son was suffering from high fever. He itched all over and had rashes on his entire body. I thought my son had a viral, and he would get better in due course of time. My husband was out on a business trip and I did not tell him. But my son had not recovered even by the time he had returned.

It was the last Monday of the month - time for Guruji's regular satsang at Punjabi Bagh. My son was insistent upon going, saying he would get better if he had Guruji's langar. I took him to the satsang, he had langar, and the next day his temperature was back to normal.

But the rashes still remained. We saw that there was a pus-filled abscess on top of his spine, and it was increasing in size. Doctors said that the abscess must be operated upon. They also wanted to get a contrast MRI done, so that they could see if the pus had infected any of the spinal nerves. If it had, there was a chance of paralysis.

Almost a fortnight had passed since the first fever, when we got our son admitted to a hospital in Shalimar Bagh on February 4. The operation was planned for February 5 - my son's birthday. Before going to the hospital, our neighbours, who had held a satsang on Sunday, came over and gave our son some jalebi prasad.

The MRI took place upon admission. While the procedure was going on, I saw a nice gentleman come and take two rounds of the MRI room. I did not see him again. The MRI technician came out and asked me about my son's problem, wondering specifically if my son had difficulty walking. I told him that the only thing wrong was the abscess, and he immediately ruled that there was no need for an MRI - the abscess was just on top of the spine. I was really relieved.

The operation went as planned the next day. After the operation, the surgeon said that I could take my son home and celebrate his birthday. Can you imagine that? A patient being discharged on the day of the operation!

Guruji granted my son a new life, and he has been entirely normal since. Doctors still do not understand what exactly happened. Guruji has yet again proved that He is beyond medical science. Thank you, Guruji, for saving my child's life. Jai Guruji!

Sonia Mehra, a devotee

August 2014