Guruji protects me from black magic

Sonia Bhatia, May 2017
I am a victim of black magic. I do not know who the perpetrator is, but I have suffered several attacks. Lest you think it is just my imagination, I have mentally put this question before Guruji when I went to Bade Mandir, not once but a few times: Have I been cursed with negative spells? And Guruji's answer has been clear: Jiske sir upar tu swami, so dukh kaisa paave—I hear the shabad time and again.

For the last ten days I have not been well. My body has swollen up. I haven't even been able to do simran. I can only snatch remembrances of Him, His divine word for not more than 5 or 10 minutes.

In fact, this Holi black spells were put on me. I got a nightmare where I saw an arm trying to catch hold of me. I began chanting "Guruji Maharaj ki jai, Jai Guruji Maharaj" in my dream and prayed to Him to protect me from this evil energy.

In fact, my sleep that night had been disturbed throughout. Since 2 in the morning, I had been going to the washroom every 10 minutes. I felt that Guruji was asking me to do prayers. But I was unable to open my eyes. I went back to sleep but was woken up due to mosquito bites. Every time I could hear the loud sound of peacocks. I knew that Guruji wanted me to wake up, and I realized He wanted me to do my prayers.

Finally, by 3:50 am, I decided to burn a mosquito card and then do my paath. I was afraid to close my eyes, however. Because when I would, a face would appear behind my eyes. It looked to be of someone who died in an accident, and it wore a white dress. So I just kept looking at Guruji's swaroop as I chanted my prayers. I told Guruji that someone had again done black magic on me and He had to look after it.

The minute I made this determination, a shabad began playing in my mind: Mera Satguru Rakhwala Hova Dhaar Kirpa Prabh Hath De Rakheya Hargobind Nava Nirova. (My ever-novel Satguru, Shri Hargobind, is my shield: He saves me by reaching out to me with His hand full of blessings.)

The shabad had so much beneficial energy and it answered my question specifically. I knew that Guruji had taken me under His protective shield to rid me off all negative energies.

In fact, He protects us from unseen calamities. During the first week of May, I was looking through my emails, when I saw an old job offer from a pharma company dated 13 August 2015. I had resigned from this company after just 10 days of working there. It was a top-rated India pharma company that was located close to my house. However, those 10 days in the company were the worst and most humiliating for me. I had questioned Guruji about it: If He did not have to bless me with this job, why did He have to put me through such humiliation? He told me that I would have had to face the same kind of treatment at a social level, so He had arranged to put me through it in a different setting, where I would have less to bear. I still remember, with how much love Guruji had told me this.

But when I saw the offer letter again, I wished that the job would have continued. Guruji had an answer for that, too. That very afternoon I read a post talking about the black marketing and unethical medical practices that were rife in pharmaceutical companies. Guruji Maharaj had thus told me why I was not allowed to continue my job in the pharma company even though I had got a handsome salary package at a very senior position. Today, I am glad I avoided getting involved in the bad karmas of the company—thanks to His blessings.

During that brief tenure, Guruji asked me to come to Bade Mandir every evening. I faced difficult situations while going. Once when I hired an auto to go to Bade Mandir, the driver took on three more male passengers. I started shouting and scolding him. Looking at my aggressive attitude the passengers got out of the auto one by one. Another day, when I was waiting to get a drop from the sangat for the metro station, I mistakenly got into a non-sangat car. Guruji Maharaj gave me enough clues to understand that it was not a devotee's. Soon a sangat couple got into the car for a lift and I began to feel reassured. But we all finally ditched the car after we got stuck in a traffic jam.

For some time, I had been searching for Guruji Maharaj's Mahashiv swaroop. I had even gone as far as Chawri bazaar, but not found it. Around that time, we held a satsang in our house. As I was making prasad, I mentally addressed Guruji, asking Him when He would come to my house in his mahashiva swaroop? Then I put on the mantra jaap on my mobile.

To my astonishment, the mantra jaap chant just had "Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay"; the rendition of "Guruji sada sahay" wasn't there. We had, thanks to a devotee, got the audio clip of the jaap sung by Sada and Masoom Thakur and it had most definitely had the full jaap. I immediately realized that Guruji was telling me that He had indeed come to our house as Lord Shiva!

We cannot understand how Guruji plans to take us out of trouble and His blessings. Only He understands the Truth of Himself. I love you, Guruji; thank you for everything!

Sonia Bhatia, a devotee

May 2017