I conceive with just half an ovary

Sonali Chandra, April 2008
I had not been able to conceive for two and a half years. Then, during a medical check-up, a five-kg ovarian cyst was found. I was operated on immediately. The left ovary was removed and half of the right ovary was cut out. Conception was thus impossible.

Unknown to me, my brother Acharya Aman Gulati - who knows astrology - had confided in my parents that I would never be able to have a baby. But he had concealed his viewpoint from me, saving me from disappointment. My brother had even showed my horoscope to his professors; they had concurred with his verdict. Apparently, my husband's kundali (astrological chart) showed him to be Sarpa Shrapit (curse of the snake).

I underwent Intra-Uterine Insemination four times, and it was negative every time. Then, I met Guruji on 10 July 1998 and told Him of my problem. Guruji first scolded me, saying that He had not "opened a shop". But, when I was leaving the same evening, He told me that my work was done and said: "Kalyan ho tera" (You are blessed.)

After two months, the follicular monitoring, that I had been subjected to for the last nine months, was normal. I conceived miraculously and naturally. I prayed to Guruji during my labour pains and till an hour before delivery I was having Frooti! I suffered practically no pain. And the pregnancy was trouble free; I had a normal delivery on 3 May 1999.

Guruji changed my destiny and I was blessed with a baby girl. My brother's professors who had ruled out my pregnancy were surprised and said that Guru Kripa was evident. Other professors said that it was an instance of 'pure divine grace'.

Per the naming ritual, my child was to have a name beginning with the letter 'n'. But I left the naming of the baby on Guruji - never even told Him that she was supposed to be named with an 'n'. But Guruji is the omniscient. He named my daughter Natasha.

Meeting Guruji has been the best thing that happened to me.

Sonali Chandra, devotee

April 2008