Blessings Always

Sneha Kedia, September 2012
I began attending Guruji's satsangs from September 2010 in Bangalore. My first opportunity came at the house of a devotee, Shrimati Khandelwal. During my second or third satsang, while I was sitting in front of Guruji's seat, a dry coughing fit came over me. The shabads were playing on, I was afraid the sangat would be disturbed, but the coughing was so intense that I could not speak out. I gestured for water and drank from the glass that came. My cough disappeared.

I did not believe it. My coughing spell does not leave easily. I had already consulted a couple of doctors and taken all kinds of medicines but with minimal impact. So, I thought the abatement was temporary. Yet, later, I realised Guruji had cured my cough.

I did not share the fact with others. I reasoned that Guruji did not know of me since I had never communicated with Him. Also, I was attending the satsang on Shrimati Khandelwal's invitation. The initiative had not, thus, been mine; mine was not a case of divine healing.

So, even though I used to keenly listen to every satsang, each felt like a fairy tale. Gradually, I began believing in Guruji. I regretted not visiting Guruji in person. Sad that I connected with Him after His mahasamadhi, I planned a trip to the Bade Mandir in Delhi.

It was towards the end of February 2011, and I came to know that there was a mandir in Agra as well. Since I was going to Agra, I called up a devotee, Shri Bhatia, associated with that temple and he took me there. The temple at Agra is situated in a flat. I was amazed at the beauty of its interior; it was better than any house I had seen before.

At Agra, a satsang is held every alternate Saturday. Though my visit did not coincide with that date, I found devotees pouring in to the temple. We had chai prasad and did satsang. Shri Bhatia gave me two lockets of Guruji, which I put on that very night.

The next day, on 25th February, my husband and I visited Bade Mandir. The thought that we should have come to Guruji when He was in His chola nagged me there, too. Who would give us darshan now or blessings? We sat in the Mandir, listened to the shabads and chanted the mantra jaap. That was followed by a satsang, which answered my queries.

A devotee's 13-year-old son had suffered a bad knee injury some five months ago. Doctors informed the mother that an operation could be done only after five years; even then there was no certainty that he would recover fully.

The mother used to come to the temple with her sister and son to take Guruji's blessings and have langar prasad. She narrated how with Guruji's blessings, her son was cured within five months. And, that day, for the first time he could bend his knees and take Guruji's blessings: He was fully cured sans any operation. The mother was elated. The satsang established me in the belief that Guruji had not gone anywhere. He is still with us.

I am now a part of all the satsangs held at Bangalore. I have even felt His divine fragrance. I have utmost faith in Guruji and believe He will solve all my problems, I need not ask for anything. Whatever is happening to me is in accordance with His wishes. Jai Guruji!

Sneha Kedia, a devotee

September 2012