Guruji - The Miraculous Saviour

S.K. Chander, July 2007 हिंदी
I have been an avid admirer of Guruji ever since I met Him in Chandigarh in 1991 inside a colleague's room at the Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal, where I was posted as Presiding Officer. Since then whether I come to sangat or not, Guruji is in my mind with me. This has proved to be and is a great blessing for me.

A few years ago, for Guruji's birthday, I found myself writing a poem. Though I can write, I am certainly not an English poet, but that day it seemed I had been bidden to do so by an unknown power. The poem was distributed on His birthday to hundreds of devotees.

In January 2006, I fell seriously sick. I had fever and violently threw up twice before being found unconscious in my bedroom. I was carried out on a stretcher straight to the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital's ICU. A panel of doctors discovered that renal infection had firmly gripped my body and my liver and kidney had failed. My heart had enlarged and the intestines were bleeding. The brain was affected and I had severe pneumonia. The doctors, based on these parameters, concluded that I had no chance of survival and communicated this to my family. They, however, said that if the patient could hold on for the next 48 hours, there was a slight chance of survival.

Inside the ICU, the doctors worked furiously on me. One day at 4 in the morning, when I was half-conscious and a nurse was searching for some particular vein, I heard a doctor saying: "I have done everything possible, but nothing is happening." I was rather alarmed.

In the ICU, I had been trying to develop a live link with Guruji through my troubled mind. That day I focused on a photograph of Guruji that shows Him with cupped hands below His chin and closed eyes - a picture of divinity and serenity. I had this photograph in my house. As soon as this picture flashed across my mind, I felt immediate relief both in body and mind and the process of recovery started.

Thereafter, I was discharged after doctors took me through their 'life-supporting exercises'. I had lost 25 kilos of weight and my entire frame looked thin and wasted. For months I was unable to speak properly or walk. One day, the doctor who had treated me for related illnesses asked me: "How did you survive? Even a person of half your age would have succumbed to the condition which you were in."

The doctor did not know that my miraculous saviour, Guruji Maharaj, was controlling things from Empire Estate.

S.K. Chander, devotee

July 2007