I finally get a new and better job

Simran Singh, December 2017
I first heard about Guruji in 2016 when a few apartment residents talked to my mother about how their lives had benefited from His grace. My mother recounted these experiences to me–and they proved life changing.

For the last six years, I had been in a very stressful job. My desperation was such that I would end up in tears at times, but I found no alternatives. I had no choice but to continue. But the devotees' experiences gave me hope. I hit upon the Bade Mandir website and soon it became my habit to read a couple of satsangs every night before going to sleep. Inwardly, I silently began praying to Guruji to get me a job where I would feel valued and less stressed.

I heard of a new hospital coming up near my house and decided to apply there. Each time I went to meet the people involved with the hiring, I would pray to Guruji. En route to such engagements, I would invariably come across a car with "Guruji" and sometimes "Blessings always, Guruji" written on the rear windscreen. I felt reassured and knew that something good would happen.

After two and half years, I finally secured a job. During the negotiations, I was told that I might not get a salary equivalent to my present compensation and could get paid less. I, therefore, decided that I would take whatever I got as long as it took care of my needs and my investments. When I got my offer letter though, I had actually been given a raise!

I was ecstatic. I knew Guruji had truly blessed me by answering my prayers. I decided to go to Bade Mandir to offer my gratitude to Guruji and to pray that His blessings always be with me as I began my new job. Thank you so very much, Guruji.

Simran Singh

December 2017