Guruji grants unasked-for wish: A job abroad

Siddhant Taneja, November 2010
I often read satsangs in Guruji's book, Light of Divinity, which had many instances of devotees getting jobs abroad by Guruji's grace. I wanted the same, but never requested Guruji for it.

On September 23, 2010, one of my friends working in China told me of a post that was vacant in that country. I sent my resume to his boss and got a call two days later for an interview in Pune. I cleared the interview and got an offer letter for the job of quality control manager, based in China. The company was providing me with a flat, meals and transportation in China.

After the interview, I reached Pune airport to fly back to Delhi. But my flight was delayed, first by 50 minutes and then by three hours. I decided to wait at the airport, but kept thinking about Guruji all the time: That He is the master of the universe; how I never requested Him for a chance to go abroad, yet He granted my wish; He is our God Almighty and has come to us in human form. Suddenly, I felt Guruji's divine fragrance, and not just once but many times. Wherever I walked, I felt Guruji's fragrance and I was not able to discern whether the divine fragrance was following me or I was moving towards it. I felt it was Guruji's consent for me to go abroad and that He had blessed me.

The boarding announcement was made, but again the flight got delayed due to a technical snag. Guruji's divine fragrance reappeared and stayed with me for 15 to 20 minutes. It was as if Guruji was walking along with me everywhere, holding my hand all along. At last, we boarded our flight and I kept thinking of our Divine Almighty Guruji throughout the journey. When I reached home, I got a message from a devotee. It said:"There is no wine if grapes are not squeezed; there is no perfume if flowers are not crushed. If you feel extreme pressure in life, it means Guruji is bringing out the best in you. Jai Guruji."

I had already told a devotee about my interview while I was engaged in sewa at the Bade Mandir. Now I told her I had been selected and she congratulated me. She also offered an insight into the travel delay and Guruji's accompanying fragrance. Apparently, another devotee had a vision of Guruji in her dream. Guruji told her to forewarn the sangat not to travel from 25th September to 15th October. She was instructed to inform all devotees. I understood from her vision that Guruji had taken care of any harm that might befall me while I was travelling from Delhi.

I don't know how to thank Guruji, but I do know one thing: I have completely surrendered myself to Guruji.

Lung collapse heals on its own

A week had gone by since my shifting to Pune in mid-October to join office.

Brushing my teeth one morning, I felt a sudden pain from head to toe and the left part of my body seemed paralyzed. My room partner was out. I was helpless and unable to even go to a doctor.

I steadied my faith in Guruji and chanted: "Om Namah Shivay, Shivji Sada Sahay;Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay." The very next moment I was able to get up and go to a doctor on my own. I walked for half a kilometer to see a doctor. He was surprised that I had come alone and that too on foot. Guruji alone knew how I was able to manage it. He injected me with a painkiller and I returned to my room and slept for the whole day.

I joined office the next day, but still had pain in the chest and back. I consulted the doctor again who asked me to get an X-Ray and an ECG done. After seeing the reports, he diagnosed pneumothorax, a lung collapse, as indeed my left lung had collapsed partially. I was advised complete bed rest. But I joined office and did not obey the doctor's instructions. I was then asked to go through a CT scan to find out the cause of the problem. I had to follow the doctor but I kept my faith in Guruji.

The CT report came but the doctor failed to find the root cause and again suggested bed rest. I was not surprised. When I was going to collect my CT report, I looked at Guruji's photo and prayed that nothing untoward come out. I felt a strong fragrance coming from Guruji's photo, which reassured me.

The doctors were left confused. After five days and for the third and final time, the doctor sent me for a chest X-ray and it was clear. The doctor told me that I was very lucky that I had become okay on my own. I recovered within eight days. Guruji blessed me and cured me completely. May our divine Guruji shower His blessings on His sangat always.

Thank you and Love you, Guruji

Om Namah Shivay, Shivji Sada Sahay; Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay

Siddhant Taneja, a devotee

November 2010