The Great Saviour

Shyam Kumar, January 2013
It was the 25th of April, a Sunday three years ago. We had my wife's brother and family at home for dinner. It was a warm evening; we were enjoying the get-together. Around 7 o'clock, a phone call from my elder son broke the serenity. Rajat was asking me to come immediately to Ahimsa Sthal near the Qutab Minar Metro Station. His car had collided with the road divider and was damaged badly.

I asked my wife's nephew to accompany me and from Sheikh Sarai-II we rushed to Ahimsa Sthal. My son was sitting on the pavement of the busy Chattarpur-Mehrauli road, waiting for us. The car lay with its front wheels over the divider, its axle broken. There was a traffic jam because the car was in the middle of the road.

Since the divider was still being built, stone slabs were strewn about. It was these that had caused the accident. Rajat was coming from Gurgaon when his car hit one of the stone slabs and he lost control. The impact was so severe that it extensively damaged the front of the car even as the front right wheel climbed over the divider. Yet my son and our pet dog were safe. They didn't suffer a single bruise. The collision, however, frightened our female dog, Laika, who ran out of the car, crossed the divider and was smack on the path of fast, oncoming vehicles. Rajat had a tough time cajoling her back.

We tried to get in touch with a crane agency that could help us tow away the car, but to no avail. Finally, the Vasant Kunj car showroom from where we had bought the car helped us with the crane. In the meantime, acting on a complaint about the jam, a police jeep, siren blowing, arrived on the scene. We were worried about the police response. I prayed to Guruji. An officer jumped out of the jeep, examined the car and questioned us about what happened. My son explained everything. The policeman was helpful. He asked us whether we had made any arrangements to tow the car. Before we could reply, the crane arrived on the scene. It was nearly two hours after the accident. We requested the officer to handle the traffic so that the crane operator could do the needful. To our surprise, the officer asked his colleague to come out of the jeep and with his help took control of the traffic and helped the crane operator tow the car away. We thanked the officer for his help. I had never imagined the police could be so courteous. I closed my eyes and thanked Guruji. Within half an hour we had reached the Vasant Kunj service station.

However, how did my son and our pet dog escape unhurt without a single bruise?

I had bought the car, a Spark, on 22nd April, a Thursday, or Guruwar, the day of the Guru and my preferred day. And I had told my son that I wanted to take the car first to Bade Mandir. I was a bit hesitant to drive the new car and asked Rajat to take us. He had never been to the Mandir and was a non-believer. Unwillingly, he agreed but on condition that we would not insist that he have langar or anything else. I agreed. My wife, Shakun, Rajat and another couple in our neighbourhood reached Bade Mandir around 8.30 pm on Thursday. I kept the car keys near Guruji and His seat to thank Him and sought His blessings for this new car. We had chai prasad-as did Rajat. We came out for langar prasad-as did Rajat. All four of us exchanged a pleasant smile.

Clearly Guruji's blessings had saved him. Because it was three days after he reached Bade Mandir that the accident occurred. An unimaginably tragic event was thwarted. Guruji saved my son in His own manner and time. He has His own ways to protect His children. He is a great saviour.

We find my daughter-in-law's gold ear-ring

Just this year, Guruji helped us out yet again. My younger son Shaurya and his wife Tripti were here from the US. In January, 2013, Shaurya and I went to our bank in Delhi to get Tripti's jewellery from the locker. I took out a set consisting of a necklace and a pair of ear-rings, wrapped them in my handkerchief and kept them in the pocket of my coat. We went to the jeweller to collect jewellery which Tripti had given for polishing. The sales girl gave me a pouch to keep the jewellery taken out from the bank locker. When I opened the handkerchief, one ear-ring was missing. I checked all my pockets and the handkerchief several times, but could not find it. Shaurya said that I might have left it in the locker, but I was sure I had taken it out.

I got worried when Shaurya told me that this set of jewellery had an emotional value for Tripti, as it belonged to her great grandmother. The entire set would be of no use if one piece was missing. I did not know what to do. Shaurya suggested we go to the bank to check the locker. It was 4.30 and the bank closed at 4 p.m. I phoned the bank repeatedly, but got no answer. We decided to take a chance and go to the bank. There could be someone to help us.

When we reached the bank, it was five past. The bank gate was open and a few staffers sat inside so we entered the office. I requested them to check the locker area where I might have dropped the ear-ring. The staffer handling the lockers had left just ten minutes ago and the locker room could not be opened, they explained. My repeated pleas proved ineffective. As luck would have it, the senior manager of the bank who was leaving for the day appeared. He heard me out, told me to visit the bank the next morning at 10 or phone. He gave me his business card and noted down my mobile number. I showed him the ear-ring which I was looking for.

I felt guilty returning home. I was sure I had lost the ear-ring. We had opened the locker around 3.30 p.m. and since then several people would have passed through the locker room. Anyone could have pocketed the piece of jewellery, if I had dropped it. I was continuously praying to Guruji to intervene. I also thought of asking the jeweller to prepare an ear-ring similar to the missing one. Shaurya ruled out the possibility, saying it would definitely not match. I was sorry that Tripti would have to carry her jewellery set without the ear-rings to the US. When we reached home, we told Tripti and my wife that we had left one ear-ring hanging in the locker by mistake and would have to go again to the bank the next day. My wife was annoyed with me for being careless.

I was restless throughout the night and Guruji was constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I kept checking the clock throughout the night. I even kept the locker key ready with me. In the morning, I was very tense and had a hurried breakfast, since it is an hour's journey by car from Gurgaon to South Delhi during the morning rush.

At 9.45 a.m. my mobile phone rang. I picked up the phone. It was the bank manager on line. "I have got your stuff," he said. Should I believe what I just heard? Yes, they had found the ear-ring. I closed my eyes to thank Guruji. I immediately went to the room where we have Guruji's picture and bowed my head in gratitude. He had saved me from great embarrassment. Shaurya and I went to the bank in the afternoon to collect the ear-ring from the manager. On reaching home, I could tell Shakun, my wife, that we had got the missing ear-ring without disclosing the matter in full, as Shaurya said she would feel upset. After a week, Shaurya left for the US, carrying Tripti's ear-rings and a photograph of Guruji.

A piece of golden jewellery is difficult to get back once lost. And it was lying on the floor of a locker room for about two hours without being noticed. Such unimaginably wonderful things do happen when you are under Guruji's protection. I had heard of miracles from Guruji's sangat; now I have experienced them myself. My prayers were answered. Guruji is indeed great.

First visit to Guru's dwar opens up blessings

My sister who lives in Gurgaon is one of the luckiest of devotees since she had the divine opportunity of having Guruji's darshan in early 2007. She used to tell us about Him and Empire Estate and Bade Mandir. She insisted a number of times that I should go to Bade Mandir. The experiences she narrated to me were similar to those of Shirdi's Sai Baba. I am a humble devotee of Sai Baba and have been fortunate to have certain experiences and His blessings.

However, it was a neighbourhood lady's intervention that pushed us to the Mandir. She had met my sister in Bade Mandir and told my wife, Shakun, about it. A few days later she took my wife along with her to Bade Mandir. On her very first visit and darshan, Shakun was fascinated and persuaded me. But somehow I could not make it, or perhaps such was His will.

My first opportunity came on a Monday after the Deepawali of 2009. The serene atmosphere of the temple led me to feelings that I cannot describe in words. People were sitting quietly with their eyes closed in the sanctum sanctorum. The devotees were bowing their heads and paying their respects before Guruji. The holy calmness of the temple touched my soul. When I bowed my head before Guruji's portrait, I felt He was smiling at me. While sitting in the hall, I felt sorry about not listening to my sister's advice. I felt sorry for not being fortunate enough to have Guruji's darshan when He was in physical form.

We were passing through an uncomfortable phase of life. My younger son had got married in 2007 and was teaching in an American university. His wife had accompanied him immediately after marriage. However, my elder son was not willing to get married even at the age of 33. After great persuasion, he agreed but we could not find a match for him. We contacted a number of astrologers and pundits and performed puja as they advised. But nothing happened.

Yet immediately after our visiting Bade Mandir, things started changing for the better. Within one year, in December 2010, my son got married and in November 2011 the couple was blessed with a charming son. We believe this is a wonderful gift Guruji has given to us. Three years since the day I started visiting Bade Mandir or attending Guruji's satsangs in Gurgaon, I have realized this: Whenever our prayers go up, His blessings come down immediately. Guruji does not disappoint us.

Shyam Kumar, a devotee in Gurgaon

January 2013