Guruji's unwritten rule: Eat langar

Shivani Magu, July 2011
Satguru main teri patang; hawa vich urdi jawangi
baba dor hathon chaddi na, main katti jawangi

(Dear Guruji, I am like a kite in Your hands;
Father, never let go off the string-
I'd be cut off from you and be at the mercy of the whimsical wind.)

On 6th July 2009 I entered the Bade Mandir with my mother and driver bhaiya. I immediately felt very calm and relaxed. That very night I had a dream: my grandfather was sitting peacefully in front of Guruji's photo in the Mandir.

Soon, my mother, driver bhaiya, and I became regular visitors to the Mandir on Mondays. A week or two later, my sister and her son began coming with us.

Our neighbours had guided us to Guruji's Mandir, though two years ago, in 2007, one of my patients had told me about Guruji. But it is Guruji who decides when one may come to Him and my family and I are very lucky that we got the opportunity to come to Bade Mandir.

Every Monday we heard satsangs and partook of chai prasad, which gave us a lot of satisfaction and peace. At the time, I was afflicted with severe migraines. During one visit to the mandir around the end of October, a lady devotee told my mother that we should have langar at the Mandir; it would heal me. But mom took her words casually. The same week on Saturday, my sister spoke to my mom about having the langar at the Mandir, but mom again did not take the advice seriously.

The very next day on Sunday I had a severe migraine attack and became unconscious. Guruji gave me His first divine darshan: He was wearing a red chola and directed me to have langar for four days at a go. We did as directed by dear Guruji and—after the four langars—all my medications were discontinued. In fact, this was my second-last migraine attack.

Then, in November 2009, we met a lady devotee, Mrs Sukhi. She advised us to remove all the gemstone rings we were wearing. We did away with them that very day. The same week we went for langar on Thursday. I had what was to be my last migraine attack at the Mandir. It was June 2010 and since then I have been fit and fine and medicine-free.

Before coming to Bade Mandir, we used to visit pundits. I also used to do chanting, practice reiki, and KQ ("karma quotient") healing. But now we have stopped everything because when Guruji is with you there is no fear of anything. We have also been lucky to attend various functions at the Bade Mandir such as the New Year celebrations and holy Shivratri.

In fact, my father, a diabetic, came to the Mandir on Shivratri and ate the divine langar. We got his tests done after having Guruji's langar. He had been blessed. By Guruji's grace, his sugar levels have normalized.

In May 2010, Guruji gave us a surprise. We enjoyed a beautiful holiday in Cochin, which was amazing. We had beautiful weather throughout the trip. When we used to eat a roti or a dosa or any fruit it was marked with an OM. That is how Guruji keeps blessing and protecting the sangat.

Guruji blessed my mom too. Every morning, she would spit blood along with saliva. But after having langar on Shivratri, her saliva had no traces of blood. No medicines or intervention by doctors was required.

My sister was also troubled with a major hormonal imbalance. Guruji gave me darshan in my dream on February 2010 and showed me that He had treated and blessed my sister, too. Since that day, she has had no problems at all, thanks to our Guruji.

There are many more wonderful experiences we have had with Guruji's blessings. May dear Guruji keep my whole family as well as the whole sangat under His sharan. May He keep blessing us and showing us the right path.

Jakho rakhe Guruji maar sake na koii, Jo Guruji ki Sharan mein aaya use haath laga sake na koii. (The devotee who is under Guruji's refuge does not perish; no one can touch him or her.)

Jai Guruji!

Shivani Magu, a devotee

July 2011