Nothing untoward happens to His children

Shelly Jain, July 2011
I had come from Kolkata with my son and daughter to attend a friend's marriage in Delhi in October 2010. I visited my friends Parul and Rajeev Sakhuja and Parul had taken me to Guruji's ashram.

En route to the ashram, Parul told me about Guruji and His miracles. I listened with awe. At the ashram, I felt a lot of peace and positivity. Unexpectedly, we got samosa and ladoos as prasad. I returned to Kolkata and shared my experience with my husband-who had remained at Kolkata because he had business matters to attend to-with a lot of zeal. We are Jains, but the satsangs influenced him, too. He asked a few questions and it was clear that he was also keen to meet Guruji. It is true that we all need a teacher to sail through life.

Guruji soon acknowledged our interest and gave us an opportunity to connect with Him. Parul and Rajeev had kept a satsang on their anniversary (December 19, 2010) and we were also invited. We went to the satsang. For the first time my husband and I heard how Guruji changed peoples' lives for the better from devotees' own lips. Guruji stood like a genie fulfilling everybody's wishes and healed them of sorrow and disease. We also had the pleasure of hearing soulful bhajans. It was an awesome experience. Since that satsang, we began visiting Delhi every two months till March 2011.

Around that time, we bought a new Mitsubishi Outlander SUV. We had not planned to buy it, and my husband and I had many conversations regarding the new vehicle. When we bought the SUV, we left the entire matter on Guruji.

Guruji knew what was destined and had found a way out for us. On 13th May 2011, a Friday, my husband, my 4-year-old son, my two nieces and I had gone for a drive in the new SUV and were returning home at around 12-12.30 pm . What happened next still sends a chill down our spine. My husband, who was driving the car, had slowed down a bit as there were bumpers ahead. As he did so, a 50-tonne, 20-wheel trailer hit us from the rear-close to ten times.

The big SUV was smashed. The air bags failed to open. My husband was unconscious. It was petrifying. After the shock, I realized that we were all alive. Guruji had taken control of everything. Seeing the condition of the car, no one could believe that we were alive. The big car had become a scrap. But Guruji saved our lives. He makes sure that nothing happens to His children: Had he not made us buy this car, we would not have been here.

All my thanks to our beloved Guruji. And to our friends Parul and Rajeev who introduced us to Him. I want to always ask for His blessings. I would like to end with this beautiful bhajan of Guruji: Guruji pal pal tujhe sambhale kahe man chinta kare. (Guruji takes care of you every minute, why do you give in to worry?)

Shelly Jain, devotee based in Kolkata

July 2011