Guruji sweetens my relationships

Shefali Bhatnagar, July 2011
Two years ago, I was going through a very hard time. One night I was crying bitterly, because I was in a very troubled relationship. My dad came inside my room and handed over a book on Guruji to me. I felt at ease. And that night I kept His picture close to me as I slept. Many other nights, I simply cried, asking Guruji to save me from an abusive relationship. Today, by His grace, that person is no longer in my life. That's the power of Guruji. You just need to call Him once with all your heart; He definitely hears.

After some time I became arrogant. For that, I have to apologise a million times over to Guruji. I doubted Guruji and, worse, made my father lose faith in Him.

But even though we may leave Guruji, He is always by our side.

Guruji helped me when I was distressed about my career and stressed over my relationship again. I can't describe how disturbed I was: I wanted to kill myself. At times I would call out to Guruji and take His name, but I had lost faith in Him. Yet, today I am perfectly safe, sound and happy. Guruji has blessed me with a wonderful job and my relationship is going very smoothly. I love you, Guruji!

It really makes me wonder when I see my relationship gaining in strength and getting smoother. And I am sure Guruji will take care of my future, too.

Many nights I would see Lord Shiva in my vision. I could not understand the import of the darshans. I know today that it was Guruji who wanted to help me. I love Him dearly; He is my cute father.

Shefali Bhatnagar, a devotee

July 2011