When God's light shown on us

Shatabdi Shankar, March 2008
Jai Guruji Maharaj! God is the light of the heavens and the earth. God guides to His light whom He will. God chooses on whom He will shine His divine light. We are among those few chosen ones, upon whom He, Guruji, has showered His blessings, even without our asking for them, even before we met Him. Due only to Guruji's grace, our family is still alive and well and I am able to write my experiences. I am among the few lucky ones who can say: Yes, I have seen God with my eyes and touched His divine feet with my hands.

Our lives were transformed the day we started coming to Empire Estate. On September 30, 2005, we were able to see God with our mortal eyes. I had been hearing about Guruji almost every day thanks to our friend Dr. Neelam, who had been coming to Him since early 2004. In 2004, Guruji told Neelam to bring me to Him when I was in trouble. At that time, we used to stay in Singapore, and everything in our lives was fine. So she forgot about it. But the next year, our situation was miserable and we had shifted to India. We were hit by a series of misfortunes: my father had a stroke, a close relative in Kolkata went into a coma, and my husband lost his job (where he was doing exceptionally well) - all within a week. Emotionally, financially and in every way, we were in trouble.

Suddenly my friend remembered what Guruji had told her one year ago. The day I touched Guruji's photo for the first time, I got the news that my father was out of danger and would be discharged soon. I called up my friend and requested her to take me to Guruji. The very next moment, we got another call from Kolkata that our relative was out of the coma. It was a miracle, Guruji's miracle, even before we had the privilege of having His darshan.

Transforming my atheist husband

It is impossible to write down what Guruji means to us, even in a million years. His miracles are happening every moment. Guruji wrought about a change in my husband after his very visit to Empire Estate. My husband, Shankar Narayana, never believed in God, leave alone gurus. After he came out of Empire Estate, he was reborn. Today, he is the one who occasionally makes me realise what true faith is.

He had a dream in which Guruji asked him a few questions which he answered. Two months after that dream, Guruji called him after the langar and asked him exactly the same questions! Guruji has since cleared away all the turbulence from our lives.

New beginnings: two cars and better health

Five months after we started coming to Guruji, we had to sell our car due to financial problems. But we knew that if this was indeed His wish, it must be for our good. (My friend Neelam used to take us to Guruji during those days). Today, we have two cars - of the same make and colour that Guruji has shown me in my dreams (we say that GURUJI has given us His cars to us to use). We sold our house in Gurgaon after Guruji told us that it was not good for us to keep it). The money we received was what Guruji had shown me in my dream.

Since the age of 12, I have been suffering from a hormonal disorder. Doctors had said there was no cure, and that I had to live with it and take hormonal therapy for the rest of my life. After I started coming to Guruji, the problem gradually disappeared, without me uttering a word about it to Him or taking any medicines. You do not need to speak about your problems directly because He is God and He knows what is going to happen to you in your next or later lifetimes. He is everywhere. He speaks and understands any language and sometimes you do not even need to speak or say anything (even in your mind), but He still hears what is in the depth of your heart. I pray to Him that our love for Him should increase day by day. He is always there with us, holding our hands, guiding us; we are the ones who do not realise this and get upset with small things. God loves us all very much as we are very precious to Him.

Under His shelter, feeling His presence

When we were in the US, in May 2007, we felt His presence. I was at my sister Dr. Mita Goldar's in New Jersey. I was closing a big glass window before going off to bed at around midnight (on 17 May), when the whole glass frame fell with a loud noise and broke over my head, scattering into thousands of pieces. Our 7-year-old daughter was sleeping two feet away, and my husband just a foot away. My husband got up and saw me holding the horizontal frame over my head; I could not move because the shards were all over me and the carpet. My sister came with a vacuum cleaner; my husband cleaned the big sharp pieces. My body and head were covered with big pieces as well as glass powder. The moment the glass broke, I thought of Guruji, and knew everything would be fine. Well, to everybody's surprise nobody was hurt a bit! The carpet had so many pieces on it, and we were all walking bare feet, but still no one was hurt. Only Guruji could have done this to save us.

When we were at the beach, my daughter got Guruji's fragrance a couple of times. It was His way of telling us that He is always with each one of us. He has cured cancer and other near-fatal diseases, helped us in our big and trivial problems, without our even uttering a word to Him. These are just a few instances of His love towards us.

Today when we look back, we are thankful to all those people who may have wished bad for us, we are thankful that we had to go through a tough time because otherwise we would not have gone to see God, who is so close to us. Once we are under His protection, nothing untoward can happen to us, as He turns all bad events into good fortune. He blessed my husband, our daughter Shayma Narayan, my sisters from the US and my nephews too. We cannot imagine our life without Him and pray that He chooses to bring us to Him in all our lifetimes as He did in this. Everything we have is given by Guruji. Even the faith and belief we have in Him is His blessing. We feel His presence and enjoy His blessings every moment. May Guruji keep on showering His blessings over all of us. Jai Guruji Maharaj always! Jai Guruji! Jai Guruji! Jai Guruji!

Shatabdi Shankar, a devotee

March 2008