Better vision and mind

Shalini Khera, May 2011 हिंदी
Guruji is almighty. He is God. Before I came to Him, I was a very negative person. But after taking refuge under Him, I have developed a positive frame of mind; now I feel that I am protected and sheltered.

My husband, the son of a prominent insurance man, was pleasantly surprised when he visited Guruji for the first time. Guruji accurately told him his father's name, even pointing out that he was "the son of Khera, well known in the field of insurance". As we kept going to Guruji, many of my husband's business problems were sorted out.

Two years ago, I too bore testimony to one of Guruji's many healing miracles. I had a serious problem: I could not see clearly from the corner of my eyes. I visited many eye specialists. My retina was tested and many other tests were carried out, but all the results were normal. Doctors were not able to diagnose the problem.

At last I visited Guruji. Guruji told me to bring a copper tumbler and to drink water from it. From the day I started using the tumbler, my vision became fine.

I gain a new birth

But, last year - suddenly - I had fainting spells. I went to specialists who dealt in spinal injuries, to senior neurologists and orthopaedicians, but they were unable to help me. After suffering for four months and going from one specialist to another, I was fed up. I got all the scans and an MRI done, but my problem persisted. A severe depression settled inside me; I was bed-ridden and unable to do anything.

I went again to Guruji with my problem. I told Him that I was unable to sleep during the night because I had severe vibrations all over my body. He told me that He had blessed me and that I should have langar slowly. With His blessings, I was soon relieved of my ailment. When I came to Guruji after He had healed me, He told me that He had blessed me with a new life. My re-birth was solely due to Guruji's grace.

My husband too had a serious back problem. He was on medication for months, but his back pain was increasing day by day. We went to several hospitals - Vimhans, the spinal injuries' centre, Rockland Hospital - but doctors were unable to arrive at a diagnosis. The pain was so severe that for a couple of months my husband was unable to sleep.

I went to Guruji and told Him about it. Guruji inquired about my husband's condition the next time I visited Him (on a Thursday). I told Him that he was still not fine. Guruji asked me to stop all medications and to start giving him turmeric milk at night. The night he started taking turmeric milk - believe me! - my husband's backache was a thing of the past. On 31st of January, when we again had an opportunity to have Guruji's darshan, He told us that He had blessed us and from now on my husband would not have any problems.

Since that day my husband has not experienced any pain. He says now that he feels Guruji has given him superpowers. Recently, on the fifth of January, he traveled to the US. I was so worried that he was traveling alone, but believe me he had no pain during the entire journey. Guruji has totally cured him.

Since I have come to Guruji, my life has been transformed. Guruji guides you at every step of life. You just have to think about Him from the heart and Guruji is there for you. We are all very, very lucky that Guruji is with us.

Shalini Khera, devotee

May 2011