His grace leads to our Kalyan

Savita Bhatia, June 2010
Our Guruji is Lord Shiva incarnate. He took birth in a human form to bless His sangat and work for His devotees' salvation, or kalyan, and continues to do so. Most of the blessings we received came to us after He left His physical body. Indeed, even today His sangat receives His blessings as they did when He was in His human form.

We came to Guruji's sharan in April 2004. My husband came to Guruji's a bit later. After we came to Guruji, everything started turning out good. Our thinking and perspective became completely positive and optimistic.

My elder daughter lives in the US and her family is a Radha Swami follower. She had not had Guruji's darshan at the time we went to Him, but such was Guruji's grace that she would enjoy His blessings while in the US.

Guruji even gave her Bade Mandir's darshan. She saw Guruji sitting in His kutiya and blessing her with the words, "Aish karo" (Enjoy!) Till that time, we had not known that there was a kutiya at the Bade Mandir. We would have langar here (in Delhi) and my daughter would tell us about the langar dishes we relished, saying she could taste them in the US!

Blessings for my daughters

My younger daughter, who used to go with me to Guruji, was planning on doing either a Masters in Commerce (MCom) or a Bachelor of Education (BEd) course. Guruji gave her His darshan and told her to leave the BEd and go for the MCom course. She gave the entrance test for Delhi University, but was not named in the first list. We enquired about a second list being released, but were told that never happens. However, my daughter had firm faith that as Guruji had told her to do the MCom, she would definitely get through somehow. Soon, a second list was released and her name was on top. With Guruji's blessings, His meher, not just her, but many other students too got admission.

We had another fortunate darshan of Guruji. Two weeks before His mahasamadhi, on May 14, 2007 at around 6.30pm, Guruji sent word that the Bade Mandir should be vacated. We had exited the Mandir and were standing right outside the main gate, when Guruji arrived in His car. We were very lucky to be the first ones to bow at His Lotus feet. Guruji stopped the entire sangat present from leaving and gave them prasad with His own hands. Chai Prasad was also given.

Then, He called my husband and me and made us sit near Him for over an hour, and we got chai prasad twice. He asked us where we lived. When we replied that we lived in Rohini, He said: "Achha Gurdwara peeche hai, aage mall banaya hua hai (It has Gurudwara on the backside and a mall on the front side)". We were stunned and said yes.

He then asked my husband about his job. My husband had taken voluntary retirement. When Guruji asked why, he replied that he was being transferred elsewhere. Gurjuji said: "Saare kamle ho gaye ne, kee laud thee VRS lein dee. Aunty tera naam kee hai, naukri karni ae" (Everyone is going mad. What was the need to take VRS? Aunty, what is your name; do you want a job?) I replied, "No, Guruji."

Guruji continued blessing us, asking me about where my elder daughter lived, where her husband's family was in India, and when she was planning to come to India. At that very time, they were facing problems in trying to come to India and did not know whether they would be able to get back or not. Guruji just enquired about their trip and did away with all the problems.

Then He enquired about my younger daughter. I told him that she worked in Genpact. He punned on it immediately, saying, "Achha, Janpath. Sonia Gandhi ke kaul? (Ok,JanPath. Near Sonia Gandhi?)" and then He started laughing.

He called Jethra uncle and asked us if we knew him. He then said, "Maine ise teen baar new life di hai" (I have given him life three times.) Guruji also fixed my younger daughter's marriage with Jethra uncle's younger son. He told us to invite twenty-five people from each side, to keep the marriage a simple affair and slotted the marriage ceremony for July end. With His blessings, our children are happily married.

During the marriage ceremonies, Guruji was fully present. We felt His fragrance at the venue. When the photographs of my daughter's mehendi ceremony were uploaded onto a computer, we were amazed to see Guruji's photograph among them. The two got married on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima.

Saving my husband's life

One night my husband saw that he had died and the messengers of death were taking him away. Then, Guruji arrived and a beam of light from His hand fell on my husband's face, reviving him.

A few days later, my husband developed a blister in his mouth. Medicines had no effect, and the blister turned out to be cancerous. We were terrified. Guruji told my husband in His darshan: "Doctor kanjara ne kee karna hai, jo karna ae Main karna hai" (What can these doctors do? I will do whatever has to be done) That very morning, I switched on the TV for a few minutes and heard a baba saying that if you are sick and hospitalized and if you have a guru, then you only need to have 100 percent faith in your guru and you would be cured. We heard just these two lines and the programme finished, but we had received our Guruji's message. We gained strength from it and went ahead with the nine-hour surgery.

After the surgery, my husband's neck would bleed due to the side effects of the radiation. We kept receiving Guruji's messages, and all the side effects were cured. Today, my husband has been fully cured and lives a normal life.

A Gurgaon flat for us

He gave us life; He gave us health; next came money. We received a message from Guruji to sell off our house in Rohini, buy a bigger flat in Gurgaon, save money from the deal, and enjoy hereafter ("Aish karo"). With Guruji's grace, the flat was sold off in thirty minutes and that too at the rate we quoted.

However, flats were very expensive in Gurgaon. After house hunting for two days, uncle got nervous and had to be admitted to hospital. I prayed to Guruji, saying that we were unable to run around for a house and could He please get us whatever He deemed right? We had completely given up and totally surrendered to Guruji. Guruji gave me a vision of our future house, and we got exactly the same house.

One does not even buy grocery without looking at it and here we had not even gone to look at the house. We saw the flat for the first time after we had given the token money and found it to be exactly like what He had shown me. It was His own, very beautiful house.

Guruji asked us to start doing a satsang from 7 am to 8 am every Sunday morning. The sangat comes to the satsang. Guruji frequently comes and sits close by. He makes His presence felt to everyone. We enjoy His blessings. Guruji is with His sangat all the time and takes care of all their needs.

Around two months ago, my husband had severe back pain. He took medicines, but to no avail. One day Guruji gave him darshan and said: "Kal veervar hai, mandir jaaein. Wahan tere ko Kishori Uncle milenge, woh tere ko gale laga lenge to tera kamar dard theek ho jayega "(Tomorrow is Thursday: Go to Bade Mandir. You will meet Kishori uncle. If he embraces you, your back pain will be healed). When we reached the Mandir, my husband ran into Kishori uncle, without even having to look for him. Kishori uncle usually folds his hands in Namaste but that day, with Guruji's grace, he hugged my husband. The pain that had lasted for nearly two months vanished in a moment. Guruji's ways and means are beyond limits of our comprehension. The only thing required in Guruji's sharan is surrender and faith. Jai Guruji!

Savita Bhatia, a devotee

June 2010