With His owns hands, the Universal Guru washes us clea

Mrs and Mr Satish Kumar Lamba, July 2007
'Om Namah Shivay, Shivji Sada Sahay'

Sri Guruji Maharaj is the incarnation of God, the Almighty. Like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, He has taken birth in the form of an ordinary human being on this earth to relieve people of their suffering. He grants your heart's desires. Thousands have benefited from His grace without spending even a rupee. Where doctors make you spend lakhs, and pundits and tantriks make you shed thousands without any sure results or success, for Guruji Maharaj's blessings all that you need is faith, devotion and surrender. So do not lose this opportunity to have His darshan and receive His blessings. Without Guruji's blessings, one cannot find God.

Guruji has completely transformed our lives. My entire family now prays to Guruji Maharaj for His blessings in all matters. With the blessings and ashirvad of Guruji Maharaj, our problems, which were of a very serious nature, went away like bad dreams. We always feel the presence of Guruji Maharaj near us. He is always there to help us out.

We first came to seek Guruji's blessings in the year 1995 in GK-I in New Delhi through one of our friends. After receiving His blessings that year we were unable to visit Him again due to the exigencies of service and the fact that I was posted out. That was a blunder on our part, which we did not realize at that time. After a few years, we faced serious problems and hardship.

In year 2003, one of our daughters was lured away from home by a few people of doubtful character. Her whereabouts were not known to us for a few months. When we traced her, we could not convince her to leave them. We went to many pundits and tantriks, performed various pujas and visited many temples but to no avail.

Later, we again heard of Guruji in the early part of year 2005 through a neighbour. We immediately remembered the help He had given us in the past and without loss of any time came to His lotus feet. Guruji Himself had called us - that's what we feel now. He assured us that our daughter would leave those people and come back for good. We got His blessings and sure enough our daughter returned and is now with us and devoted to Guruji as well.

And we had to do nothing to get her back, but seek Guruji's refuge. We had wasted so much time and money at other places but at Guruji's we did not have to dish out anything.

Guruji Maharaj is very kind and He knows the problems of all His devotees. My wife was suffering from serious tail bone pain and piles with blood for the last 12 years. The pain was so acute that she could not sit upright on hard surfaces for more than ten minutes. She was taking heavy medicines on a regular basis and the doctor advised an immediate operation. We were almost ready to act on the doctor's advice.

Then we went to Guruji's, and my wife was worried she would not be able to sit there for more than ten minutes at the most. But our Guruji took care of this. Within a span of a few days my wife was cured and she completely forgot about her ailments and her pain. Now it has been almost eight months and she has not felt any tail bone pain or piles-related problems. Moreover, she did not even bring these health problems to Guruji's notice. But our Guruji was aware of it. Just by having His prasad and langar and, of course, His blessings, she was relieved of these ailments.

A paralysed friend plays golf, his wife's arteries clear up

One of my friends, who now lives about a furlough from our house, also benefited from Guruji's blessings. Ajit Singh, now a retired police officer from UP, was our next-door neighbour in Agra, where I was also posted for more than three years. Luckily, we were again together in Meerut and Moradabad. By then our families had become good friends. While in Agra, we had come to know that Mrs Ajit Singh had been a heart patient since 1972-73. Her arteries were getting clogged progressively. By the year 2004, three arteries (two completely and one by 60-70% ) were blocked.

It was difficult for her to even walk up to the gate of her house. She was under the treatment of a doctor (Maj Gen Sahi) and had been advised a by-pass surgery. She had been warned that if it the operation was not done immediately, her condition could be fatal. A date of some two months later had also been fixed for the surgery.

A few months earlier Ajit Singh had himself suffered a serious attack of paralysis and was lucky enough to survive and recover from it. But now they were really worried. It was by chance that we mentioned to them to come to Guruji and seek His blessings. They were reluctant about it, but on our insistence they agreed to come.

They came and Guruji asked them to bring a copper tumbler, which He subsequently blessed. Mrs Ajit Singh began to drink water from the tumbler as per Guruji's instructions. The day of her by-pass surgery was nearing, and the doctor had asked her to come two days in advance to complete the necessary tests and investigations. The doctor had also warned her of the risks involved. When my wife came to know that Mrs Ajit Singh was to go for surgery, she suggested her family seek Guruji's blessings first. Mrs Ajit Singh told my wife that she would go to Guruji only if everything went well at the hospital. Her husband was so worried at this statement that he refused to accompany her to the hospital and instead sent his elder son. After they had left for the hospital, Ajit prayed in front of Guruji's photograph.

In the hospital, the tests were carried out on Mrs Singh. As the reports came, the doctors who had been treating her for the past few years were astonished. The reports showed that her two arteries were completely clear and only 40% of the third remained to be cleared up. The doctors said that only a miracle could have done this.

Now she does not have any major health problem and lives a normal life. Her husband believes they have been deeply blessed by Guruji Maharaj. In fact, Ajit, who had stopped playing golf due to his paralysis attack, can again be seen on the Noida Golf Course.

Getting blessed instantly

It is not that one has to wait for Guruji's blessings. Guruji's blessings give instantaneous results. Once, around the start of 2006, I developed a serious pain in the neck due to cervical spondylosis. The pain radiated to the left arm, leaving it numb and giving off a tingling sensation. It was so severe that I could not move freely without experiencing acute pain. I had a history of this ailment for the last eight years. As the pain entered into the fourth day, my daughter's mother-in-law urged my wife to pray to Guruji. I berated myself. How could I have forgotten Guruji during these three days of pain? I stood before Guruji's photograph and sincerely prayed to Him. After that I just forgot about my pain and got busy with my work. After a day when my wife asked me about my cervical pain, I was astonished and surprised to note that right from the time I had bowed and prayed to Guruji a day earlier, I had completely forgotten about it. The result was so instant that I had not felt any pain during the past 30 hours. I thanked Guruji for blessing me and making me forget the pain immediately. The result is that since that day I have forgotten that I had this ailment.

Another instance of instant relief occurred around March 2006. I was with my family and friends in our house and taking snacks. All of a sudden an eatable stuck on the throat near the windpipe and I started having trouble breathing. All my efforts and methods suggested by others failed to clear it. My eye started watering, the throat was irritating me and I felt breathless. I took water, bread and even a banana to clear the eatable but to no avail. I had to get up and went to my room. For 15 minutes there was no relief and I was suffering. But then I came near Guruji's photograph. I folded my hands and bowed to Guruji without even thinking of or praying for anything. Barely had I done it that I gulped and my wind pipe was cleared of the obstruction. I was once again convinced of Guruji's powers. Guruji Maharaj is the greatest of all!

My family survives a car accident

In May of 2006 I got a call that my family had met with a car accident. I left for the site of the accident, which was luckily only about five kilometers away. I got a telephone call from my wife that a vehicle had hit their car from the rear. All the doors were locked, the seats had fallen and all of them were trapped inside, my wife said. It was about 9.15 at night.

My wife and three daughters were returning from the South Extension market to Noida. The traffic light in Jasola village near Sarita Vihar was showing red, and they were in the middle of a jam. Their car was in the front when it was hit twice in the rear. Apparently, one truck loaded with goods had hit the car behind them which, in turn, hit our car. My married daughter and my youngest daughter were on the rear seat. Both of them were hit on the heads and their backs. The car rolled forward a few yards.

However, my wife had a photo of Guruji Maharaj with her and immediately thought of Guruji. Luckily there were a few people at the crossing and my wife shouted for help. Some boys broke open the doors and my family was taken out of the car.

I reached the spot and took them to a hospital where first aid was given to them. My eldest daughter's CT scan was taken. My wife was worried for her daughter and took out Guruji's photograph and prayed to Him. Soon, the doctor reported that every thing was all right and there was nothing to worry about. She was given a medicine to contain the swelling. My wife was hugely relieved and thanked Guruji. The car behind us that had taken the brunt of the collision was badly damaged and some of its passengers were seriously injured. The impact was such that even the front of the offending truck was damaged.

However, my family was safe - again due to Guruji Maharaj's grace. I also thanked Guruji Maharaj for protecting my family from any major bodily harm in an accident of such magnitude.

Guruji fulfils the prayers of those who pray to Him with sincerity and honesty.

Nephew gets admission

One of my nephews who lives in Ludhiana had come to Delhi for an MBA entrance test and interview for one of Delhi's institutes. He had come to Guruji with us to take His blessings. He prayed to Guruji for his success. Guruji Maharaj blessed him and told him, "Ja ho jayega admission" (Go! You will get admission.)

My nephew was very hopeful after the tests. As the institute declared the results, his name was not there in the first, second, third and final waiting lists. The boy had been waiting since Shivratri, and the results disheartened him. But Guruji Maharaj had blessed him. So, though the third and final list did not have his name, to his surprise, he received a Letter of Admission after three days. He was full of joy and thanked Guruji Maharaj for it. Guruji's words and blessings have in a short time influenced him very much.

Guruji Maharaj, the Satguru

Guruji Maharaj is also a great purifier of our mind. He has incarnated as a godly saint because a great need was felt for Him. Guruji reveals Himself in His full glory, infinite powers, wisdom and bliss.

Guruji Maharaj is a satguru who gives a universal push to all human beings towards spiritual evolution. For Him cast, religion, sex, and nationality do not matter. People from far and wide start getting drawn to Him as if by the pull of an invisible force. Guruji Maharaj is a perfect master and He attracts or reaches out to His disciples when the appropriate time comes to lead them to their spiritual goal. His pull becomes so powerful that it becomes difficult for anyone to resist.

Guruji Maharaj is a universal Guru. He deals with each person at his level of consciousness. He tries to dissolve their ego through His superior power in order to evolve that person. He removes all limitations of the mind and body that are not conducive to the evolution of the soul. What methods - in the gross, subtle or mental levels - Guruji Maharaj may use can never be predicted.

Guruji's eyes are intoxicated with the love of God and His hand is like that of God. God Himself speaks through His human throat.

Guruji Maharaj is replete with miracles. He heralds peace, truth and brotherhood. He obliterates all distinctions of high and low, caste, colour and creed, and showers a gentle rain of mercy upon the hearts of a depressed and woe-stricken populace. With the water of truth, brotherhood and equality He with His own hands washes clean malice and ill-will from the hearts of people drenched through and through in the poison of materialism.

Guruji Maharaj is the direct manifestation of God and is the marvel of God's greatness. In the twinkling of an eye He can rise to Heaven and can come back. The sun and the moon, paradise and hell, the earth and the sky are His playgrounds. As is correctly said: "In short, Thou are God in the form of an Avatar."

Mrs and Mr Satish Kumar Lamba, the latter is a retired IAS officer based in Noida

July 2007