Connecting with Guruji

Satish Chawla, September 2012
Since I shifted to Bangalore, I have lost six mobiles, usually while travelling in the bus. About two months ago, some money was also taken out of my pocket while I was in a bus. That too, when it had a single entrance and exit, with the driver himself performing the conductor's duties.

One bus journey sticks out in my mind and is related to Guruji. Once in April 2012, my daughter and I boarded a bus from Chandapura to go to Electronic City, the town's industrial technology hub. Some distance on, all the passengers got down at Husker Gate, two stops before our destination. We also got up, but the passenger's assurance made us stay put. An old man, who was sitting right behind us, informed us that though this was the bus's last stop, we need not worry. He knew we were going to Electronic City and told us that the bus would drop us there. Indeed, the bus did drop us at Electronic City along with the old man.

We had to go to Majestic, the central bus stand, and an awful rush greeted us at the City stop. Buses were plying full. As soon as the bus running to Majestic came, we made a rush for it. It had a single door. Immediately, the old man who had been our benefactor so recently, was there and shouting a caution at me: Take care of your pocket and in the future avoid buses with one door; you have lost many things earlier. So, as soon as I had climbed the stair of the bus, I wanted to thank him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I found myself mulling over the incident later. I realized that often I had lost my mobiles or money while travelling in single-door buses. But what amazes me is how did the old man, a stranger, know about it? How did he know that we were going to Electronic City?

I believe that the old man was Guruji, and He had come to caution me.

Messages on a chapatti

My brother-in-law, a devotee of Guruji, wanted to conduct a satsang at his house before leaving for Australia. He was scheduled to leave on the sixth, and it was already the third. Due to the time constraint, he was not sure if he would be able to organize the gathering. That night while having dinner, he found the number four written on one of the chapattis. He took that as a divine hint to conduct the satsang on the fourth. Despite the short notice, it was a grand event with a full gathering, feasible only due to the blessings of Guruji.

Guruji has His own ways of giving messages to His sangat. Jai Guruji!

Satish Chawla, a devotee

September 2012