The Guru who treats you!

Sapna, September 2013
I was at the Korum Mall, in Thane, Mumbai, with my friends. We sat at the food court and ate till we were full. I saw a tempting dahi bhalle stall, but turned my face away from the appetizing site: eating that would have meant tummy trouble. Right then one of my friends wanted to have pastry. I wanted to-but convinced her to postpone the delectable idea. Another friend piped in with a suggestion of having Natural Ice Cream. As it turned out, the mall did not have that particular brand of ice cream. My friends wanted to find that brand of ice-cream outside, but there was no time left for a search.

We had to go to our medical clinic, and I decided to depart to make it to a satsang that was being held at Santa Cruz. At the satsang, I had a surprise treat: dahi balle for langar, later followed by ice-cream. It tasted like Natural's and it was. I immediately prayed to Guruji: Please do not send pastry; I can't have any more langar prasad. Luckily, there was no cake.

The next day was Guru Poornima-I had come to Guruji's sharan just two days before it-and I was in my clinic. And there were four cakes to cut and eat!

What does all this mean? That Guruji take cares of the minutest things. We just need to surrender completely. Jai Guruji!

Sapna, a devotee based in Mumbai

September 2013