Guru Mahima

Santosh Suman, November 2008
We have known Guruji since 1984, when my husband had His darshan for the first time. It was as if both had known each other for centuries. That bond still exists, and it is very difficult to say whether their's is a relationship between master and disciple or that of two close friends.

We have always believed that Guruji is our Guru irrespective of His divine and miraculous power. It is beyond my capability to describe Guruji's miracles; He can do anything on earth and knows the inner self of all those who come to Him for solace and cure. I would like to mention two or three of my personal experiences with Him.

Rose petals out of thin air

My father had been a non-believer in Guruji until March 1988 when he visited my in-laws' village in Hoshiarpur in connection with kriya ceremony of my late father-in-law. Guruji came all the way from Jalandhar to participate in the shanti path (rites of final farewell) in honour of the departed soul. I introduced my father to Guruji and, to everybody's surprise, Guruji produced a basket full of rose petals from thin air and gave it as prasad to my father. Ever since, my father has been Guruji's disciple.

In 2006, my father fell down in the bathroom. His spinal chord was badly injured and he was incapacitated. Even the best orthopaedic and neuro surgeons believed surgery was unavoidable. I discussed the matter with Guruji, and He asked me to bring my father's photograph to Him. In His usual style, Guruji then suggested that something seemingly innocuous be done. The moment I did it, my father's condition started improving. He began moving within four to five weeks!

Cured of depression

I was acutely depressed for no reason known to me. For days together I would lie on my bed; at times, my heart would throb so fast that I would feel it would come out. I decided to go for Guruji's darshan in Jalandhar. As if aware of the purpose of my visit, Guruji described my entire condition. He asked me to do something seemingly innocuous and my condition started improving within three to four days.

In 2007, I had an acute backache as I suffered from a slipped disk. Doctors advised complete bed-rest for four weeks. I went through that period of confinement. Though my condition improved, the backache would reoccur. One Sunday, when General Grewal and his family were in our house, Guruji suddenly arrived at about 4.30 p.m. I was having an acute backache at that time. Guruji asked me to lie down and pressed some part of my back. It was agonizing and I almost cried aloud-but it was the last time I had any pain. Everything disappeared in a jiffy.

My husband has his own experiences but he never expresses these to any one. Neither has Guruji asked him to narrate these; both have a perfect understanding. May that last long.

Though I have written this I would again like to emphasize that Guruji's mahima is beyond description.

Santosh Suman, a devotee

November 2008