Faith gets them to Dugri and back

San Paul, May 2017
We had been eagerly wanting to visit Dugri Mandir since February 2015. It was on the first of February, my birthday, that I had received Guruji's blessings in the form of his first swaroop. But I fell ill and we could not visit Dugri. We left the matter to Guruji's will.

In November, Guruji granted us our desire. But there was a complication: The journey to Dugri is about 350 kilometres from Faridabad, and for me that is a daunting distance. I can't drive more than 50 km to 70 km in one go. More and I feel dizzy and am unable to drive with ease. In fact, there have been three instances where I have been saved from accidents on drives that were of above 50 km distance. My wife is an uncomfortable passenger as well. She suffers from migraines and a two- or three-hour journey makes her susceptible to these.

We prayed to Guruji to help and protect us through the journey before we left at 5:30 on a winter morning from Faridabad. Two more devotees accompanied us from Samalkha (in Panipat). Beyond Panipat we encountered thick fog. Visibility was less than 10 metres and we crawled through at no more than 20 kilometres per hour. With Guruji's grace we were able to clear the stretch within one hour and soon the fog cleared and the drive became smoother. Amazingly, we were able to make it to Dugri Mandir by 2 in the afternoon even after we'd had a short break. I experienced no fatigue or sleepiness.

We had darshan of Guruji's Mandir, took Guruji's blessed langar prasad and turned back at around 4 pm.

However, my wife had a migraine. She took a painkiller and we took a short half-an-hour break. Thankfully, she recovered enough for us to resume. We took two more short breaks to avoid inconveniencing the accompanying sangat.

Just as we entered Delhi region, sleep began to encroach upon my eyes. No one else could drive, and I beseeched Guruji to guide us back home. I took another two short breaks and repeatedly washed my face to keep sleep away. But it was of no use. Yet I managed to keep driving for two more hours with the faith that Guruji was with me. And sure enough we made it home safely with Guruji's grace.

How could a person who could not drive 70 km in a day cover nearly 700 kilometres? The answer is Guruji's blessings, Guruji's grace.

San Paul, a devotee

May 2017