Bade Mandir grants anguished family health, peace, prosperity

Sandeep Paul, March 2015
With Guruji's grace, I am in a position to share a satsang with my Guru pariwar. In year 2014, this would have been improbable. The year had begun well enough with the family shifting to our new home. But then after a few months everyone fell ill. First, it was my wife, then my mother, and, finally, my father.

Suddenly, I was the only member taking care of everyone, including my son. There was no one apart from me to handle the business as well, since my father was the one who handled most of it with me. His illness added to my stress and insecurity. Our life began to go directionless.

Around that time, my wife read and heard about Guruji. She inquired further and we were able to go to the Bade Mandir in June 2014. I had no idea why I was going to Bade Mandir. I did not know anything about Guruji at the time; I just prayed sincerely with the belief that He was divine. A devotee we met prophesied that we would return repeatedly to the Mandir.

I did not think so; I had not felt any connection with the Mandir. Yet time and again my wife prompted me to visit Bade Mandir. So, on Janmashtami on August 2014, we were able to visit the Mandir again. It was an emotional trip. I was thinking about what had become of my life with tears in my eyes. I didn't realize it then, but Guruji had felt my anguish and listened to my prayers. My entire family's health problems have been cured over a few months. There is much peace at home and the business is doing better.

Since Janmashtami we have been going repeatedly for Guruji's darshan at Bade Mandir. I feel I can't live without Him. I long to remain at His lotus feet for all my lives.

Thank you, Guruji, for everything!

Jai Guruji!

Sandeep Paul, a devotee

March 2015