Total surrender is the Guru Mantra

Saloni Jain, February 2016
The day I set foot in Empire Estate was one of the most auspicious days of my life—for I had Guruji's darshan for the first time. I am one of those fortunate few who have blessed by His physical presence.

Describing His divinity is beyond my capacity. Back then I was a school-going child and wanted to score well in academics and win competitions. No matter what I wished for, Guruji was there to take care of every small desire. Slowly my faith started getting stronger.

The love between Guru and disciple is sacrosanct. Whenever I would feel sad that I would not get a chance to touch His lotus feet again or hug Him and seek His blessings, He would reciprocate. He would bless me in my dreams, where I would get a chance to touch His feet and hug Him. That was the best I could ask for. As I grew in age, Guruji took care of my career, showering innumerable blessings. He got me into the training centre of my choice for my civil services preparation. I am embarking upon that journey, entrusting all my faith on Him. Come what may, I am assured that He will never leave my hand.

Over time there have been so many instances where He has blessed my family and me in the most unexpected ways. I have been through ups and downs, but my faith in Him has always shown me the way and it always will. Guruji will first squeeze you like a lemon as you go through hardships, but trust me, at the end of the day He has got the best plan for you.

Today Guruji has assumed all the roles in my life, that of father, mother, teacher, and friend. He is my confidante as well as my inspiration. He has taught me some very valuable lessons of life in the most amazing ways.

If Guruji does not grant you a wish, trust me, something better is waiting for you. You just have to wait for the right time. There were times when I couldn't visit Bade Mandir, but He always made His presence felt through His dreams, fragrance and above all His unexplainable miracles. We sangat are really lucky to have Guruji with us.

The Guru Mantra is total surrender. You must have complete faith without an iota of doubt, and then the magic begins. Putting our faith in Gurudev is the least we can do for what He has given us. Once you come to His refuge, He will never leave your hand.

I love you beyond words, Guruji, and offer a hundred thousand thanks a hundred times more every time. Bless us always. Jai Guruji!

Saloni Jain, a devotee

February 2016