Guruji puts an end to suffering

Sakshi Gurnani, September 2013
We were fortunate to have come under Guruji's sharan in 2005. Ever since, Guruji has been blessing us every single day of our lives. In fact, He blessed us even before we actually met Him.

There are innumerable instances where Guruji has shown that He is with us, sometimes through His fragrance, sometimes through symbols-an Om appearing on a picture or in a cup of coffee, or peacock feathers or through the appearance of a peacock itself.

Guruji has blessed not only my immediate family but also all my relatives, no matter where they are. Recently, Guruji blessed people very close to me.

I graduated from college in 2011 and, with Guruji's grace, obtained a job through campus placements. Again with Guruji's grace, I managed to get a marketing and sales job, a field which I was keenly interested in. I visited Pune on an official trip in June 2012. I met relatives with whom I hadn't had contact for years. My parents advised me to stay with them, instead of in a hotel, because I was not familiar with Pune.

I bonded very well with my Aunt and Uncle, during my two-week stay with them. My uncle and I would have long discussions about work, life and spirituality. Even when I returned to Delhi, we kept in touch. In November 2012, I had to go back to Pune. My uncle, suffering from leukaemia for a long time, was in the ICU. I reached Pune on the afternoon of November 28. I had never before seen my uncle in such a condition. I placed a picture of Guruji by my uncle's bedside. I left the ICU the next morning and prayed to Guruji to do what He thought was best for my uncle. A few hours after I returned to my uncle's house from the hospital, he had passed away.

I believe that it was because of Guruji's blessings that my uncle survived this long even though he had cancer. I also believe that it was best for my uncle to go at that time, because had he lived longer, his suffering would have led to more pain. I know that Guruji did what He thought was best for my uncle and I am thankful to Guruji for that. Not only this, Guruji also helped mend the relationships between our families. It is true that Guruji performs miracles unbeknownst to us.

Guruji blesses our pet

Apart from my parents, brother and grandmother, there was another family member in our house-- our pet, Bingo. He lived with us for 14 long and beautiful years. Whenever we used to get prasad home from the Mandir, we would ensure that he ate some too. In February 2009, Bingo fell sick and was diagnosed with renal failure. He became weak, would not eat anything and found it difficult to move around. The entire family was worried. In our hearts, we all prayed to Guruji.

Eventually, the vet informed us that it was best for us to put him to sleep; otherwise he would continue to suffer. Each and every one of us was devastated. Never had we imagined such a possibility. None of us would accept doing this. On March 9, 2009, it was decided (somewhat against our will) that Bingo would be put to sleep the next day. The morning of March 10 arrived and with it, the realization that Bingo had passed away in his sleep.

We are grateful to Guruji. Because of Him, Bingo did not have to suffer longer. We are also grateful to Guruji that He brought Bingo into our lives. Deep down I know that Bingo is safe, happy and at peace whereever he is, because He has been blessed by Guruji.

Guruji is always with us. We just need to believe in him and keep the faith alive.

Jai Guruji!

Sakshi Gurnani, a devotee

September 2013