A divine satsang experience

Sahil Saraswat, January 2016
We had gone to Jaipur some time ago, and there we got an opportunity to attend Guruji's satsang. As soon as we entered the satsang venue, which was a hotel, the shabad played to welcome Guruji was put on. We sat down and with the melodious shabads purifying the atmosphere, the hall soon got converted into Guruji's durbar.

I was constantly looking at Guruji's swaroop, because I could see two OMs formed on them. Soon chai prasad was given along with biscuits. As soon as I finished my cup, I saw an OM formed at its bottom. I suddenly found myself wishing to have Guruji's bhog prasad. And to my surprise instead of langar prasad, devotees partook of Guruji's divine bhog prasad.

I got the opportunity to do Guruji's aarti as well and sat near Guruji's gaddi after it concluded. I saw an OM formed on a cushion kept on Guruji's seat. While eating lunch, a devotee came and gave me chai prasad from Guruji's cup and, again, I saw an OM formed at bottom of the cup.

It was a day when Guruji heaped blissful surprise upon blissful surprise. It was announced that devotees were getting more prasad—flowers that had been offered to Guruji's lotus feet! So I got the flowers and more: kadha prasad from Guruji's own bhog. Next, the devotee who had hosted the satsang asked us to help out in packing up Guruji's jooti and charan swaroop after the satsang got over. While packing, I again got kadha prasad from the portion offered to Guruji as bhog.

I can't thank Guruji enough for touching our lives with His divine love and blessings and that blissful satsang. All I can do is a humble shukrana. Jai Guruji!

Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay
Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay

Sahil Saraswat, a devotee

January 2016